Foreign relations matter of common concern of whole nation: PM Oli

Published On: June 29, 2019 03:02 PM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANDU, June 29: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said foreign policy should be conducted on national consensus and common understanding as it is a matter of common concern of the entire nation.

Addressing the National Dialogue on Foreign Policy organized in the federal capital today, he stressed on consensus among all the political parties on foreign policy matters. The national dialogue is organized with the objective of making timely adjustments to the country's foreign policy priorities and forging a common, practical clear view on the basic issues of foreign policy within the country.

"Our foreign policy is focused on enhancing national prestige in the world community by establishing international relations based on the principle of sovereign equality by protecting the country's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, autonomy, and national interest," the PM said.

The Prime Minister said, "The present government, which is oriented towards the economic and social progress of the country, is steadfast on the protection of the political achievements, good governance, and development in the present situation when sovereignty has been fully vested in the Nepali people.

" Our lone efforts are not adequate to take the nation forward on the path of development and construction and we need the support and cooperation of neighbors, the PM said adding that the goal can be achieved by inviting foreign investment and technology. He also stressed that the country's diplomacy should be directed towards bringing investment and not loans and grants.

Expressing it was inevitable to attract investment in the area of Nepal's needs and priority, PM Oli said national interest was at the center of foreign policy and that Nepal has been fully abiding by the United Nations Charter, the non-aligned policy, the principles of panchasheel, international laws and the norms of world peace. "Nepal wants other countries to also do the same," he asserted.

Dwelling on various aspects of diplomacy as political, social, cultural, economic and sports, PM Oli said Nepal was against the unhealthy competition aimed at increasing the sale of one's goods and products. "Let not the weaker ones suffer from the competition among the powerful countries," he said.

It is unjust to disagree the multilateralism, the PM said, adding that there should not be any pressure under the influence of power and for short-term benefit. According to him, Nepal has maintained harmonious relations with both neighbor and wished no strain in relations. All sorts of disagreements could be resolved through dialogue and discussion, he stressed. PM Oli further said, "Relations with the neighbors have improved and past issued has reviewed."

He mentioned it referring to his meetings with the neighboring governments in the multilateral and international forums. The foreign policy of Nepal, as the PM asserted, has prioritized the world peace, protest to the arms of mass destruction, protection of democracy and human rights, climate change, environmental conservation, and human welfare.

The PM expressed confidence that atmosphere would be created for the submission of the report prepared by the eminent persons' group (EPG) with a thorough study on Nepal-India relations including the 1950's Peace and Friendship Treaty. He viewed that EPG has done appreciative task and the issues pointed out by its report would be forward to implementation.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, said the expanded form of the domestic policy was the country's foreign policy and in the changing context, its operation was centered on the protection and promotion of national interests. Nepal's foreign relations was expanded to 166 countries, focusing on the essentiality of skilled, competent and committed personality to effectively operate the diplomacy in the present challenging world scenario where a new dimension had emerged due to power equation.

According to him, the country's geopolitics is sensitive and on this context operation of foreign policy with proper awareness and skils is required to promote the interest of the nation. He took time to make it clear that "Nepal is fully sensitive towards the concerns of its neighbors."

The government is working to garner international goodwill and cooperation to support the national effort for meeting national aspirations for 'prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali' and to implement the economic diplomacy as an indispensable part of the foreign policy with priorities.

Foreign Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi said relations of any country with the external world and objectives and basis of such relations would be guided by the nation's foreign policy and the Ministry was doing its best to burnish the image of Nepal in an international arena.

The one-day event of national level is focused on the in-depth discussions on several topics such as "changing geopolitics: neighbors and major powerful nations"; "orientation on economic diplomacy and priorities"; "regional and multilateral affairs and new challenges"; and "climate change and labor migration."

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