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Published On: January 17, 2020 11:52 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Products other than store bought moisturizers that nourish your skin

You might have noticed that your skin gets very dry during winter and you have to put in a lot of effort to make sure it looks and feels supple. Although moisturizing creams do a good job of keeping your skin smooth and fresh, there are many equally great products out there that can keep your skin in good shape all throughout winter. Here are some products you can use in case you are looking to give your skin the extra nourishment it needs. 

Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel is one of the most effective natural moisturizers out there. It quickly absorbs into your skin and doesn’t look or make your skin greasy after application. It has healing properties so it can be applied on sunburned skin for quick recovery and to freshly shaved areas to soothe irritated skin as well. It also has antibacterial properties and is suitable for all skin types. Additionally, you can use it as a cheaper and natural alternative to eyebrow gel and as a hair mask too. Although you do get packaged aloe vera gel at stores these days, it’s best to use fresh natural gel from the aloe plant directly. Simply cut a stem and use the gel that oozes out. 

Fruit oil and nut oil
A lot of fruit and nut oils can be used to moisturize your skin. For example, coconut oil is a great moisturizer that can be used on both skin and hair. It’s suitable for all skin types and has antioxidant properties. It’s also known to cure eczema and psoriasis. Similarly, people who are in need of some serious moisturization should opt to use almond oil. It penetrates many layers of skin (something that even your body’s natural oil can’t do) and can nourish your skin from the inside. Another oil that can be used as a moisturizer is olive oil. The vitamin E present in it aids in the production of collagen, keep your skin’s shine and elasticity intact for a long time. It also helps slow down the signs of ageing. All these oils can be used on both face and body.

Serums are actually better during summer but those with sensitive skin can use it during winter as well. They are incredibly light so your skin will not look greasy and oily after using it. They are known to work very quickly and effectively—primarily because of their composition. Serums are simply highly concentrated oils and essentials oils and they don’t have sealing ingredients like mineral oils or petrolatum (that moisturizers have) which retain water on your skin for longer. There are many varieties of skin serums available that focus on improving or curing a specific skin problem. Even if you don’t have any skin issues, using serums regularly can help your skin stay healthy in the long run.

Face mists
A facial mist is a multi-purpose product that can be used to address different concerns. It can wake (you and) your skin up immediately so you can use it when your skin is feeling dull or you are feeling tired. It can provide instant hydration and using it feels very refreshing. A lot of face mists also contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A lot of makeup users also spray this on right before they apply makeup because it can be a great substitute for primer with the added benefit of hydration. You can also use it to quickly fix cakey makeup. You can also use rose water spray as a natural alternative to face mists.

Sheet and gel masks
Sheet masks are becoming incredibly popular among beauty enthusiasts these days. And it’s all for a pretty good reason. They are great at soothing your skin while providing ample moisturization. Regular use of these masks can balance irregular skin tone, add radiance to your skin and nourish it properly. Like other skin care products, if you’re looking for a mask that works for a specific skin concern—like acne or ageing—rest assured that you will find just the right one for it. Sheet masks can be used once or twice a week.
Although gel masks aren’t very popular yet, they are great for hydrating your skin in an instant—especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. They also contain antioxidants and collagen that help your skin recover from any kind of issues (be it dryness, acne or sunburn) quickly.

Unlike other products on this list, a toner isn’t essentially a moisturizing product. However, it aids the skin to absorb other moisturizing products better and helps your skin balance out the moisture as well. Toners are mostly used in between cleansing your skin and applying a hydrating agent onto it. After you finish cleansing your skin, apply some toner before you move on to serums or moisturizers. They balance the pH level of your skin, minimize pores and make your skin ready for hydration. It’s best to use toners twice every day during your skincare routine but if your skin starts getting irritated by the excessive use of toners, switch to using them every two to three days.


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