Five Nepali workers dying in UAE every month

Published On: July 4, 2016 11:00 AM NPT By: Narayan Bhurtel

ABU DHABI (UAE), July 4: As many as five Nepali migrant workers on average have been dying every month over the last three years in the UAE, according to the figures maintained by Embassy of Nepal at Abu Dhabi.

The age range of the dead workers is between 20 and 49 years, according to the embassy official. “The average age of the deceased is 32 years.” A total of 184 Nepali migrant workers died since the fiscal year 2013/14, according to records of the embassy.

Of those who died over the past three years, 104 died due to causes like heart attack, alcohol intoxication and diseases, 29 committed suicide, and 51 were killed in accidents. The accidents include road accidents, fall from height, murder, burn, drowning, etc.

The trend shows that alcohol intoxication as the cause of the death is gradually increasing in the UAE. There was not even a single case of death due to alcohol intoxication in the fiscal year 2013/2014. Two migrant workers died as a result of alcohol intoxication in FY 2014/15 and the number increased to seven in the fiscal year 2015/16.

The number of deaths can be reduced by following healthy lifestyle, the embassy said, advising the migrant workers to drink sufficient water and not to consume alcohol under adverse conditions.

The embassy has advised the migrant workers to keep proper temperature, ventilation, A/C, electricity in their rooms and go for medical checkups regularly.

It has further advised the migrant workers to undergo medical checkups at reliable medical centers in Nepal before heading for the UAE

Migrant workers should strictly follow the traffic signals and defined lanes while crossing the road and give priority to personal safety measures while working at risk-prone zones,” Krishna Aryal, second secretary at Embassy of Nepal, said.

Aryal also informed that a total of 100 Nepali migrant workers have been serving jail terms in various jails in the UAE. The major charges against Nepali migrant workers include murder, alcohol consumption, adultery, smoking, disturbing law and order, drugs abuse, drunk driving, visa overstay and forging documents, according to him

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