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Published On: March 23, 2018 09:07 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

We are creatures of habit and, while working out on a normal day might not be something that requires much effort and dedication, when we travel our regular routine goes for a toss and so does our fitness plan. It’s no wonder that most of us come back from a vacation a few kilos heavier than when we left. But Khadka says there is hope. It’s time to be prepared to make fitness a part of our vacation lifestyle and here he tells us how. 

Travelling often wrecks havoc in our fitness plans. But it needn’t be that way, says Suraj Khadka, fitness trainer at Goodlife Fitness in Maitidevi, Kathmandu.
Research the area
Before you leave for somewhere, spend some time researching about whether or not there are any exercise facilities available at the place you will be staying. Many hotels have a gym and a swimming pool or provide aerobics services at the premises itself. If so, make sure you inquire about the opening hours of the facilities and sign up for classes beforehand. If your hotel does not have these facilities then inquire about the nearby fitness centers and ask if there are any schemes for membership for a few days. 

Some of them may also provide free passes for tourists. With that pass, you will have full access to the workout facilities of that particular gym during the period of your stay.  

Pack some essentials
To make sure fitness is a part of your holiday routine as well pack some gears in your luggage. Along with your workout shoes and leggings, throw in a skipping room, or a mat as well. While it might not be a good idea to carry weights, things like a handgrip, or a push up bar shouldn’t be hard to include in your suitcase. Not only will these things come in handy if there isn’t a gym at your hotel, but the fact that you packed these items and lugged them all the way to your holiday destination will act as motivation for you to work out.  

Cut calories
Many people count traveling as cheat days where they can eat as much as they want and not exercise. But unfortunately, our bodies don’t go on overdrive just because it’s vacation time. So, if you aren’t going to exercise, make sure you cut back on the calories. This necessarily doesn’t have to mean restricting food. Instead, choose your meals wisely. Convenience stores or street food stalls might be tempting as well as easy places to stop while on the road, but they can be a nightmare for those wishing to follow a healthy eating plan. 

Begin your trip with a healthy breakfast. It will fuel your energy level for rest of the day and gets your metabolism pumping. If possible, pack some healthy and non-perishable food for your journey. And we all know the importance of drinking water. So pack a water bottle and fill up wherever you can and keep sipping. Also, make sure you drink some green tea and have a serving or two of fruits as well. Going to new places definitely mean trying new food but before you eat anything, make sure you are not over stuffing yourself and eating just for the sake of it. 

Walk instead of ride
Every time you step out of your hotel room think if you really need a ride or you could just walk. Unless you are tired, or you are in an unsafe neighborhood late at night, there is no reason you can’t walk instead of taking a bus or a taxi. Find out if you can hire a bicycle for the duration of your trip to not just make commuting easy but incorporate some much needed cardio in your routine as well. Walking or riding a bicycle aren’t just good ways to stay fit during your vacation but they also allow you to take in your surrounding at a leisurely pace. 

Be creative
You might not be a professional fitness trainer but at least think like a fitness enthusiast. If joining a gym or walking around does not suit your schedule then try searching for different ways of exercising. For instance, use the staircase at the hotel instead of taking the elevator or escalator. If you are waiting in line, stretch those muscles or practice standing on one foot at a time. Walk around every time you are on your phone. If you are on a long holiday, set aside at least one day for outdoor tasks such as hiking or cycling.

Also, don’t order food in your room. Rather walk to the reception or cafeteria to place an order. Even shopping is a good way to burn some calories. Choose local street markets and explore it. Granted that these simple ways of incorporating some activity in your schedule might not be as effective as a proper workout but doing something is obviously better than doing nothing. 

Get enough rest
Besides exercising and making sure you are eating healthy, it is equally important to rest. Traveling can be exhausting, leaving you sleep-deprived. In such cases, make sleep your first priority and workout only when you feel up for it. However, exercising can also improve your sleeping pattern and habits. A short workout session involving a few stretches before bedtime may be a good idea.

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