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Fitness experts share their fitness resolutions

Published On: December 29, 2016 11:36 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Making a resolution and promising oneself to improve some aspect of you from the first day of the year is a New Years tradition like no other. One of the highest made resolutions come every New Years is to start paying attention to your fitness and diet.

Apparently, gyms across the globe see a major surge in the number of people coming in for memberships during the first few days in January. For most, however, a few weeks into the New Year and fitness takes a back seat. Isha Upadhyay talked to some fitness instructors to find out their fitness resolution for the year 2017. And, unlike most of us, these people will keep their resolutions, as fitness is an integral part of who they are. 

Niharika Kharel
People nowadays are motivated to work out because they are very conscious about how they look. “It is, however not just about losing weight, you need to also tone your muscles and that is what I’m planning to do in 2017,” says Niharika.

She will continue with her regular Zumba classes but will focus more on muscle toning exercises rather than fat burning. She also wishes to start her day on the right note – and that will definitely mean getting some exercise in early – so that she can get a lot more done during the day. Also, lemon tea, green tea and other flavored teas are what come to her mind when she thinks of a healthy, fresh and soothing start to her morning. 

Renisha Bista

Though her passion is dancing, Renisha has started going to the gym in order to tone her muscles in addition to losing fat through Zumba. “Though I don’t want to go on a strict diet, I want to focus a little more on what I eat in 2017,” says Renisha.

She wants to cut down on oily and fatty food and though she won’t completely cut it off, she wants to keep track of it so that she doesn’t end up eating a lot either. She loves the balance she has struck this year between her fitness and her studies and hopes to maintain the same through out the coming year too. Fitness, she says, can be a part of your daily routine if you are disciplined and motivated. 

Dilip Sawod
In the three years that United Fitness was established, Dilip has managed to open three branches in the city. This year he wishes to open a new branch in Pokhara or Dharan and is trying hard to make this wish come true.

He wants to give people a quality place to work out where all their fitness needs are taken care of. “I want to learn new fitness regimes and be certified in new ways of getting fit so that I can introduce these methods and inspire people to make fitness a part of their daily lives,” says Dilip. For this, he has been doing research on new workout methods and how he can become a certified instructor on these new techniques. 

Grishma Bista

One of the biggest fitness goals for her this year is to make time to give her body some much-needed rest. “Despite working out a lot, I started gaining weight. After extensive research and tests, I came to know that it was because I wasn’t giving my body the rest it needed,” explains Grishma. In 2017, she will make sure that she doesn’t compromise on her resting time. Being a big foodie, she eats anything she wants no matter how oily and full of calories it is.

She wants to make sure that she consume these calories before 3:00 pm and try to burn those calories in her next workout and try to stick to a liquid diet during the evenings. She also plans to go on a liquid diet for around six months in order to get back in shape. She also plans on keeping her body hydrated by drinking a lot of fruit or cucumber infused water or green tea. 

Sachin Pradhan

“In our profession, we don’t have a choice. New year or not we need to be fit and keep trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in order to inspire others,” says Sachin. He likes to be fit and he likes to help other people to be healthy too and he is looking forward to inspiring a lot more people this year.

He wants to do that by expanding his gym and opening a new branch. Though he doesn’t have any plans on entering a body building championship 
like his brother Sachit Pradhan, he is looking forward to working a little bit more on his body. 

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