Significance of Janai Purnima (with photos and video)

Published On: August 15, 2019 02:49 PM NPT By: Dipendra Rokka

KATHMANDU, August 15: Janai Purnima is one of the greatest festivals celebrated by Hindus across Nepal.  It falls on Shrawan Shukla Purnima every year.  

The festival holds a great significance in Hindu tradition. Janai refers to the sacred thread, and Purnima means full moon day, and this sacred thread is changed on Shrawan Shukla Purnima. Hence, the festival is called Janai Purnima.

Brahmins, Chhetris and Vaishyas change their Janai worn across the chest on this occasion. Janai is given only to the males of Brahmins, Chhetris and Vaishyas during Bratabandha, a ritual of Hindu youths that should be performed before their marriage. Janai is the triple cord made of cotton. It is a symbol of body, speech and mind.

A doro (strand) is tied wrist on the occasion of Janai Purnima. People perceive that God will protect them if they use doro.

On occasion, people consume delicious Kwati soup. The soup is prepared by mixing sprouts of nine different pulses.

Meanwhile, sisters and brothers also celebrate Janai Purnima in their own way. Especially, in Terai, this festival is marked by the tying of a Rakhi on a brother’s wrist by the sister for his long life and well-being. This tradition has helped to promote bond among the brothers and sisters.


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