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Published On: October 5, 2018 09:30 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

There’s no staying away from fast food. For those of you who want to try making your favorite fast food items, The Week has listed out a few easy to make recipes that you can use. Besides the fact that making these items at home is a whole lot cheaper than having the same at various fast food restaurants around town, these recipes are also slightly healthier. So get ready to prepare some food items you always seem to order when eating out in your own kitchen.  

PizzaTechnically, these are considered pizza pockets but that does not mean they lose their authentic ‘pizza’ taste. Also, you can prepare these pockets on a pan if you don’t have an oven at home. 

    Olive oil
    Sausage
    Mint leaves
    Cream cheese
    Parmesan cheese – grated
    Salt
    Pepper
    Pizza crust (store bought)
    All purpose flour
    Egg – beaten
    Tomato sauce

    Heat a medium sized pan and pour olive oil in it.
    Place the sausages and cook for about five minutes.
    Add the mint leaves and cook until they are wilted. Let this cool for about 10 minutes.
    Add cream cheese, a third of the total portion of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper into the pan and mix everything together properly. This is the topping.
    Light flour a clean and smooth surface and roll out the pizza dough on top of it.
    Roll out the whole dough in a way that creates a rectangle roughly of size 12 by 20 inches and cut it into two equal halves.
    Further divide both of the halves into eight rectangles each.
    Add a spoonful of toppings onto each of these rectangles.
    Apply the beaten egg wash onto the edges of these rectangles and close the rectangles over the toppings.
    Apply the egg wash all over the pizza pocket and sprinkle some grated parmesan on top.
    Place the pockets over a baking sheet and bake until the crust turns golden brown color.
    Serve these pockets with tomato sauce.

ChickenwrapThere is no way anyone can mess up a wrap. It has a very simple and easy to follow recipe. So why not make it at home instead of paying an extra amount for it at your go-to fast food hub?

    Boneless, skinless chicken breast – trimmed
    Pepper – freshly ground and divided
    Yogurt
    Apple cider vinegar
    Onions – minced
    Olive oil
    Salt
    Tomatoes – chopped
    Avocado – chopped
    Bacon – cooked and crumbled
    Red- or green-leaf lettuce
    Flour tortillas (or rotis) – preferably whole-wheat and roughly of 10 inches

    Cook the chicken any way you want to – you can boil it, fry it or grill it.
    Mix yogurt, vinegar, onion, oil, salt and pepper in a clean bowl.
    Add the cooked chicken pieces, tomatoes, avocado and bacon to the bowl and toss everything around nicely.
    Place lettuce leaves onto each tortilla and add about a cup of the chicken salad on top of it.
    Roll up all of the tortillas like burritos and halve them before serving. 

Fish and chips

Next time you find yourself craving for some fish and chips, make it yourself using this easy to follow recipe. Although this tastes just as good as a restaurant meal, it’s way cheaper in comparison.

    Potatoes
    Olive oil
    Cayenne pepper
    Salt
    Rice cereal
    Egg whites
    Skinless, boneless firm white fish – cut into two by four inch pieces
    Mayonnaise or any sauce of your choice

    Cut the potatoes into quarter inch wide wedges and place them in a bowl.
    Add olive oil and cayenne pepper and toss the potatoes around so that the every wedge gets evenly coated with the oil and pepper.
    Place these wedges into a baking sheet evenly and bake for about half an hour.
    Crush the cereal in a bowl and add salt and black pepper.
    In a fresh bowl, break the eggs and separate the yolks and in the egg whites add a pinch of salt and beat them around until they turn frothy.
    Dip a piece of fish into the egg white first and then roll it around on the breadcrumbs.
    Coat a baking sheet with some olive oil. Place the piece of fish coated in egg white and breadcrumbs in the baking sheet.
    Do the same thing with all other pieces of fish and place the pieces on the baking sheet.
    Bake the fish pieces for a good 15 minutes.
    Serve the fish and chips with mayonnaise or sauce.

French fries

We give the classic French fries recipe an edge and add a subtle but complementary taste of garlic so that the fries are not as bland as they are at most fast food outlets.

    Garlic cloves – minced
    Vegetable oil
    Large potatoes
    Salt
    Parsley leaves – freshly chopped
    A dip or a sauce of your preference

    Place a pan over medium heat and add oil and minced garlic to it.
    After about two minutes, turn off the heat and separate the oil and garlic into two different containers.
    Cut the potatoes into quarter inch wedges.
    Add potato wedges, oil and salt into the same bowl and mix thoroughly.
    On a baking sheet, place the potato wedges evenly – in a single layer.
•    Bake until the wedges turn golden and crisp.
•    Garnish with fried garlic and chopped parsley and serve the potato wedges with a dip or a sauce.

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