Fashion fever

Published On: March 24, 2017 09:50 AM NPT By: Republica

Fashion means different things to different people but one thing is for sure, it is an important part of everybody’s life. More so in the recent times because social media and glossy magazines have changed how we want ourselves to be seen. The act of dressing up isn’t simple anymore. Republica talked to some people to find out ‘fashion’ means to them, whether they think it’s necessary to keep up with the trends, and what fashion trend they would or wouldn’t follow.

Sulabh Silwal
Photographer and IT professional 

Fashion should reflect one’s attitude and their individual styles. You don’t have to understand ‘fashion’ and keep up with the trends to be a fashionista. It’s about feeling comfortable and looking good while at it. My go-to outfit is a fitted jeans and simple shirt or t-shirt. I see many people blindly copying what they see celebrities wearing or what’s ‘in trend’ that almost always works against them. A fashion trend I would not follow is wearing heavy accessories, as I don’t think it suits me or looks good on anyone for that matter. 

Gaurav Singh Basnyat
Social worker

You must be able to carry the clothes you wear with confidence. My outfit depends on the occasion or context. I can’t imagine going to a wedding reception wearing casuals. On regular days, I opt for a polo shirt with H&M slim regular jean and a Nike or Goldstar shoes. At business events, I prefer to wear a blazer with jeans and oxford shoes. While I, personally, would never be caught dead wearing ankle length jeans, the biggest fashion blunder I see is people wearing business suit to bars and clubs. 

Sunita Tamang

While I think it is necessary to be updated with the latest fashion trend to be a fashionista, I don’t think someone who’s not comfortable in his/her skin can claim that title either. For me, comfort is the key while dressing and all my outfits, whether it be casuals or formals, need to be comfortable and look classy at the same time. One thing I don’t like is animal prints in clothes and accessories and I also don’t understand people who don’t dress according to the weather. A short skirt when it’s freezing cold just makes you look out 
of place. 

Aasma Aryal
A truly fashionable person is someone who can rock any outfit they wear by their chilled attitude and confidence. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good. You have to make your clothes work for you. My go-to outfit depends on the seasons. If it’s summer, I usually go for cotton dresses and sneakers and if it’s winter, I opt for fitting jeans with leather jackets and boots. I don’t find ripped jeans appealing and would never follow the trend of wearing leggings on shorts. Why wear both when either one would do?

Utkrisha Shah
You shouldn’t blindly follow the trends but create one that works for you. After all, fashion is supposed to be about creating your own style statement. While I usually live in fitting jeans, crop top and a shrug or jacket on top, I’m open to experimentation as long as the clothes don’t have polka dots. I don’t know why but I’m never been a fan of this print. What irks me is when I see people wearing boots and jean jackets with dresses. I think it look neither clean nor cute. 

Anoushka Pandey
Social activist
Being confident while flaunting your shape or body is a key to being a fashionista. My go-to outfit would be something that fits both my formal and casual style. A pair of skinny jeans, a well tailored shirt and a comfy pair of heels or stilettos if I’m in the mood is the ensemble I usually opt for. I wouldn’t wear leggings as pants but the biggest fashion faux pas has to be everybody copying the same style all at once and looking like replicas of one another. There was once an era of paper straight hair that was an eyesore. Also, I can’t understand why some girls wear socks with ballet shoes. 

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