Fantasy bucket list

Published On: February 17, 2017 01:30 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

When we read books we submerge ourselves into the fantasy land so completely that some of us never really leave that place. In our daydreams we are always there, living a life that is full of magic and possibilities. The Week talked to a few avid readers to find out what catches their fantasy and what they would like to do when in their dream place.

Mohit Rauniyar
I would love to be in Gotham city, fighting to save it from the villains. Ever since I was little I have been a huge fan of Batman. A crime fighting vigilante who will not kill a soul and works inside the law seems like a great person. While there I would definitely like to take the Bat Mobile for a spin. It is the best vehicle anyone has come up with, even in fantasy series. The fact that he is a regular person who doesn’t have superpowers makes me feel like I too can fit right in Gotham City.

Prishank Thapa
I would like to go to the shire and live with the hobbits if I could go anywhere. The shire is described as a peaceful place, so I would be able to get away from all the stress of life in the valley. The crisp, clean air would make me never want to come back to the suffocating dust of real life. I would take countless photos of the place and eat as much as the hobbits do. Who doesn’t want to have seven meals a day? The closest I can come to middle earth is New Zealand so it is one of the places I want to visit purely because of a fandom I’m in.

Srizu Bajracharya
I want to be Professor Severus Snape from Potterverse. He was a misunderstood character from the very beginning of the story and I completely identify with him. In the end he turned out to be one of the central characters of the story and even if it was a little too late he was recognized for who he was. It also doesn’t hurt that all the students are terrified of him and that the swish of his billowing cloak has been talked about so intensely in the books. I would try Bertie Botts every flavored beans while there and would learn how to do the patronus charm. My charm, I think, like Lily and Snape’s, would be a doe as well.

Siris Maharjan
I would without a doubt want to travel the universe with Dr Who in his TARDIS. I would never tire of seeing new species of aliens and helping fight the darleks and keep them from taking over Earth. With a time machine in hand, I would never have to wait for anything or be late anywhere ever again. If I didn’t do things right the first time around, I could go back and redo it. That way nothing can go wrong in life and that sounds fantastic. I would love to explore the future as well as go back in the past like his other friends did: the fall of Pompeii, meeting Hitler, that is the kind of life I would like to be living. 

Anshu Sharma
I would love to be in Alice’s wonderland. It was my first ever fantasy story and it has always stayed with me and had a special place in my heart. It sounds like a completely whacky place where I would fit right in. I’m really short so I would love to get my hands on the mushroom that helps people grow taller. Ever since I first read the book, I have been fascinated by food that can potentially make me grow and I remember my mother using it to her advantage. I used to be a very picky eater and whatever I wouldn’t eat my mother would say “that is what will help you grow”.  

Shreesha Nankhwa
I would like to be in Neverland, flying around with Peter Pan and the lost boys. Playing with fairies and mermaids and not having to worry about homeworks and deadlines and work sound like the best time ever. Even if it means that I will have to fight Captain Hook, nothing in real life sounds as exciting as that does. Unlike Wendy and the Lost Boys, I wouldn’t return from Neverland. Instead I would like to fly around with Peter for eternity and have lots of adventure and make many friends. But, it does seem sad that people I would meet would eventually grow old and die while I wouldn’t age a day.

Prashant Pande 
I took more time to think about this than I did to choose my under-grad program. There are just too many fandoms to choose from. But after much deliberation I’m sure that I would want to be in the world of the Baker Street Sleuth: Sherlock Holmes. I remember first reading a story where Sherlock solves a case that had been maddening the Scotland Yard Inspector Lestrade. A few minutes after carefully listening to the case, expertly as ever, Sherlock asks one crucial question, and identifies the criminal. There was an elegant explanation to his thinking process at the end of the book. It was an enthralling piece of writing that was indelibly stamped on the child that is still just as impressed by his slick and sharp mind. It still has me wanting to be next to Holmes and solve mysterious cases together. 

(As told to Isha Upadhyay)

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