Family of a dead worker unaware of millions in compensation

Published On: July 4, 2017 12:00 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 4: The rightful beneficiary of a dead migrant worker, Jaya Bahadur, of Rolpa is yet to claim the compensation amount sent to the district administration office by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than a year ago.

Jaya Bahadur of Joulipokhari-8 had died while working in Doha last year and his company had provided the amount to the ministry.  The ministry then sent a draft of Rs 20.24 million to the DAO on June 19, 2016 asking the office to compensate the next-in-kin in accordance to the laws. 

Two of his wives have claimed Rs 4 million, according to the auditor of the DAO Saraswati Giri. 

“But they have already married again after claiming the amount,” said Giri, adding,  “No one else have come to claim the compensation. Some of his maternal relatives had come but we did not provide the money to them.” 

According to Giri, Jaya Bahadur's father, mother or daughter are ones entitled to receive the money but they have not shown up at the DAO.

Neither has the District Administration Office bothered to inform the victim's family about the huge amount received as compensation. 

“There are those who come to claim the amount but the next-in-kin is his daughter. Since the victim's daughter is a minor, we are not able to entrust her with this amount," said Chief District Officer Dijan Bhattarai. 

"What we can do is create a bank account in her name that is looked after by her close relatives until she comes of age to claim the amount. The money won't freeze,” he added.

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