Eye makeup trends for 2020

Published On: January 24, 2020 11:36 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

As times change, so do the makeup trends. And this year it seems like most makeup trends have to do with the eyes. Here, we have listed out some of our favorite eye makeup trends for 2020 that are interesting and practical with instructions on how to get these looks.

Floating eyeliner
Although this way of putting on eyeliner seems super trendy, it’s actually not a new trick. Back in the 60s, supermodel Twiggy made this look popular and people have tried recreating the look in their own ways ever since then. The trick to apply eyeliner in this fashion more easily is by positioning your chin up and casting your eyes down. Make sure the line (or curve) you draw is high enough that it’ll be visible when you open your eyes fully but still low enough to not blend into your eyebrows. Applying floating eyeliner will immediately sharpen and give an edge to your looks—more so than a cat eye—but you can also pair it with a cat eye drawn in the same shade for a more extravagant and extra look. You can also play around with the color and add more details to your eye if you want a bolder look.

Watercolor eye shadow
Can’t choose between two striking colors from that eye shadow palette you just bought? Well you don’t have to pick between the two and just wear them both blending them into each other—like you would while painting using watercolor. This gives you a very dreamy, dramatic and ethereal look. Although you can achieve the watercolor effect using any color or shade that’s available to you, it looks best in bright, pastel and neon colors. We also recommend that you use flat and dense brush for this as it helps blend the shadow into your lids properly and give you the desired effect. Start out by applying a color to a dime sized area of your eye lids and blend the edges when you’re done. Do the same thing with different shades of eye shadow until you use every color you intend to or until your lid is completely covered. It’s very important that you blend the edges after applying each color to give the translucent effect similar to that of watercolors.

Leaving out a negative space
Leaving a negative space is basically the opposite of how we generally wear eyeshadow. It’s like wearing a dress with a chunk design cut out of it—only in this case, it’s on your eyes. This trend in makeup first started out around the mid 2010s on nail polish designs and was one of the hottest eye makeup trends in 2017. Because you will leave a part of your eye completely bare of shadow, conceal and prime the skin around your eye thoroughly before you start. Then, stick a piece of tape to your eyelids—cut out in the shape you want to leave bare. If you want a smaller or more detailed negative space you could also stick small tika (bindis) in shapes like triangle, circle or star onto your lid. Apply eyeshadow on your lid and then take off the tape or the tika.

Accented corners
Accented inner corners might be the eye makeup trend for you if you use minimal makeup or are new to using makeup as it can ease you into using more makeup and playing around with it. It’s similar to highlighting the inner corner of your eyes with silver shadow that was popular a few years back—only this time, you also get to use colors other than silver and you are only applying eye shadow to the inner corner of your eye. You can simply draw a thin line on the inner edges of your eye (like you would with an eyeliner) or apply it more thickly—whatever works for you. You can apply bright colors for a fresh day-time look, neutral or dark colors for an office-friendly look and neon or glitter infused shades for a night out. Because accented inner corners (of eyes) is a bold look by itself, go light and minimal with the rest of your makeup. You could also match the eye shadow shade with the color of your outfit.

Crystal clear
If you want to change up your makeup game a little, try adding crystals to your eyes. This isn’t a new trick by any means but this trend will resurface this year so knowing more about it and how to get this look will work to your advantage. This eye makeup trend can be taken from day to night instantly as it is fresh enough to make you look pop during the day but is sparkly enough to be worn to a fun night out with friends or to a fancy party. You should keep your eye makeup to a minimal while trying out this look and only apply the crystals once you are completely done with your eye makeup. Place a few crystals strategically either on the (outer, inner or both) corners of your eyes or line your lids with them. Use an adhesive free glue to stick the crystals onto your skin.


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