Excessive snowfall triggers fear of avalanche

Published On: March 3, 2019 04:00 AM NPT By: SUSHIL BABU THAKALI

MUSTANG, March 3: Excessive snowfall this winter in Mustang and neighboring districts has increased the risk of avalanches, putting dozens of settlements at a great risk. Locals living in the risky areas are in grave danger of losing their lives and property. The risk of avalanches has increased due to the piles of snow being exposed to bright sunlight, locals said. A few settlements of Mustang have already been displaced following avalanches two days ago. On Wednesday, an avalanche hit a village on the lap of the Dhaulagiri Mountain. Tsaktang village of Thasang Rural Municipality-2 among others has been displaced as a result.

“It was during the afternoon when the snow suddenly fell down and took the form of a landslide. As it was near our settlement, all the locals and tourists fled in terror as we are in a grave danger,” said Govind Sherchan of Tsaktang. He has taken refuge at his relative's house in another village.

Mustang this year experienced around a dozen instances of snowfall, including full and partial ones. The thick snow has blanketed the hills, forests and mountains. As the snow in the high altitudes start to melt, villages downstream are living fearful existence. Locals said it would take at least one week for the latest snow to melt down.                        

“We had excessive snowfall this year. As a result, any settlement could be at a great risk of avalanche,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahendra Khadka of Mustang. “The heavy snow in the high altitude area could fall down after failing to sustain its weight. We have made the locals aware.”


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