Embossed number plates for vehicles from New Nepali Year

Published On: February 6, 2017 01:28 PM NPT By: Himal Lamsal

KATHMANDU, Feb 6: The government is going to introduce embossed number plate system for automobiles from next year. The Department of Transport Management is going to fix embossed number (registration) plates to vehicles in order to make them ‘technology-friendly’ and to protect them from being stolen.  

According to the Vehicle and Transportation Management Act 2049, preparations are underway to implement the embossed number plate system, spokesperson for the department Tokraj Pandey said.

Through a global tender, the department has already given the contract for printing embossed number plates to Decatur Tiger IT, a joint venture company of  USA and Bangladesh.

The department said that the Decatur Company has already brought number plate printing machines. “From the new Nepali year, the embossed number plate system will be implemented,” Pandey said, “The contractor is working accordingly.”

Pandey said that the embossed number plate system which is based on computerized technology would help to protect vehicles from being stolen. Embossed number plates carry a chip through which information about the vehicle such as its location can be obtained.

Computer Engineer at the department, Raj Kumar Maharjan said that once the plate is fixed on the vehicle, it cannot be detached. “It is strong and very affordable. Once placed on the vehicle, it cannot be detached,” he said, “if it needs to be detached, it must be cut.”

The department aims to fix embossed number plates to all vehicles in the country over the next five years.

A joint team from the department and Metropolitan Traffic Police Division will monitor the implementation of embossed number plate system.  Maharjan said, “Embossed number plates will make it easier to locate vehicles in cases of accidents.”

The cost of connecting embossed plates to a vehicle is estimated to range between Rs 2 to 4 thousand. The Ministry of Finance will fix the price of an embossed number plate, based on the recommendation of the department.

What does the embossed number plate mean?

An embossed number plate is a high security number plate which is connected to the GPS System of a vehicle. The use of embossed number plates helps to locate vehicles. Information about the vehicle can be obtained from the in-built radio frequency identification device. Such type of number plates can be used only one time. Many countries from all over the world have implemented the embossed number plate system.



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