Embankment worth millions of rupees crumbles, Rajapur area at flood risk

Published On: August 13, 2019 02:30 AM NPT By: Nirmal Ghimire

BARDIYA, Aug 13: In view of the risk of flooding in the settlements around, the government built a 12-kilometer long embankment along the Karnali River in Bardiaya two years ago. The 'Karnali River Control Project' had erected the embankment claiming it to last over two decades. However, now the embankment built with millions of rupees has been crumbling at different places. And this has put several human settlements, basically in Rajapur, at the risk of floods.

"The embankment was built just some time ago. But it is damaged now. The Rajapur area is now at the risk of floods, many settlements are under threat," said CDO Ram Bahadur Kurumba.

CDO Kurumba visited the sites with the local representatives and provincial lawmakers. As per the report of the team, the embankment is already being swept away by water. Upon the recommendation of the team, the Natural Disaster Management Committee has initiated immediate flood prevention measures in most sensitive areas of Rajapur.

"We have identified the most vulnerable areas and the committee is working to avert any disaster," said CDO Kurumba.

The project which kicked off in the year 2013 had completed just two years ago. According to CDO Kurumba, the project is worth over one billion rupees.

According to technicians, the materials and technology used decide the life of an embankment. If substandard materials are used and the technology is compromised, they cannot last long.

Locals of Rajapur have now been lamenting the poor quality of the embankment. They have demanded a probe into the matter. Similarly, they have also asked for safety.

The 'Karnali River Control Project' was established in 2014 with an aim to build 43 kilometers long embankment in five years. But due to slow work progress the target has not been met.

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