Election overshadows month of weddings

Published On: November 23, 2017 04:30 AM NPT By: Giriraj Baskota

PAANCHTHAR, Nov 23: Kabita Nembang, a temporary resident of Kathmandu, recently visited her hometown based in Falgunanda Rural Municipality of Paanchthar district. As usual, her neighbors and relatives didn't forget to ask her the same question that they used to ask in the past. 

She has been repeatedly hearing the phrase ' Mangsir is here', which refers to the month of wedding which falls between mid-November and mid-December. 

“Let's hope we won't have to wait for another Mangsir for being invited to your wedding,” the locals nag her.

Though at other times, Nembang simply used to avoid the questions with a smile but this time she has something to say. 

”This Mangsir, we won't be attending weddings but casting votes in the elections,” she tells this to whoever asks her about marriage. There are many young people like Nembang who have returned back to their villages for the elections. Interestingly, they all have been giving same kind of answers like Nembang to their elders who are desperately waiting to see them tie the knot.

 Every year, a large number of youths from across the country find their partners and get married in this month. This month carries a special significance for weddings also because it is believed that the Hindu god Ram got married to goddess Sita. As the Election Commission (EC) has scheduled the first and second phase of parliamentary and provincial elections for this month, less number of weddings has been planned this time.

Not just the candidates but even the locals are busy in preparations for the elections because of which a lot of weddings have been postponed this year. It seems like people have prioritized elections over weddings.
 Earlier, houses, streets and vehicles used to be decorated with colorful flowers during this time. But this year, they have been decorated with pamphlets, posters and banners of various political parties. Every Mangsir, Sanjay Acharya of Media Connection Phidim hardly used to get time from shooting photos and videos for weddings. But this year, he is less occupied. 

"Most of the people are busy in election campaigns due to which they have not managed time for weddings this time," he said. According to him, the number of weddings is very less this month.

Lot of youths say that the pressure for marriage has been less this year because of the election fervor. As per the Vedic Hindu calendar, Mangsir 6, 7, 12, 16, 17 and 25 are considered auspicious days for weddings this year. 

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