Election fervor returns as RJPN mulling to register party

Published On: July 7, 2017 12:10 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, July 7: Election fervor has returned in the districts of Province-2 after the agitating Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has taken a decision of registering the party to vie in the upcoming local elections. The party has finally taken the decision of registering the party with the Election Commission (EC) and has hinted at gradually pressing the government to fulfill its demands. However, the party is yet to go to the EC for the registration.

Earlier, RJPN leaders were adamant in their stance that the government should address their demands of constitution amendment and add more local units in the tarai first and only would they participate in the elections. Now, with the preparing for the elections, the news has brought excitements among the locals since the elections were deferred multiple times in the province due to the party's demands.

“We have taken the move of RJPN positively. The party registration has reignited election fever in the province,” said Panna Lal Gupta, a local civil society leader. “We hope that the party competes in the upcoming elections and the government amends the constitution in order to hold the elections successfully,” he added, expressing hope of political stability.

Likewise, Ajay Chaursiya, central committee member of Nepali Congress (NC), also said that locals of Province-2 are excited about the elections and suggested RJPN to register the party as soon as possible.

“RJPN's decision to register the party with the Election Commission has proved that they believe in elections. Now the demands put forth during the Madhes protests need to be addressed. Now every party has to play positive role in creating environment to fulfill the demands of the Madhesi people,” he added.

However, RJPN leaders have made a different claim. “RJPN was formed by merger of six fringe parties. We are only registering the party with the EC to get our own flag and election symbol. This was done only to fulfill the formality as we have no choice,” said Jitendra Sonal, general secretary of RJPN. “The decision of registration does not necessarily mean that we are ready for elections,” he claimed. 

Despite demonstrating a cautious approach, Sonal claimed that they are not against the elections. “However, the government has to create conducive environment for the elections, which can be done by fulfilling our demands of constitution amendment, adding more local units based on population density, withdrawal of false accusations and court cases against our cadres during the Madhes movement and their release,” he added.

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