Election agendas fail to impress Birgunj voters

Published On: December 3, 2017 08:32 AM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

BIRGUNJ, Dec 3: Candidates of the parliamentary and provincial elections spent days to form their agendas and strategies with hopes of impressing the voters. Unfortunately, their agendas have turned ineffective to attract the voters. 

In each election, people expect the candidates to come up with new ideas and agendas which can influence their opinion. However, every candidate utters the same plans and policies to the disappointment of the voters. This has reduced the interest and enthusiasm of the voters.
It's not that the issues and problems raised by candidates are of no importance at all. But, the people are tired of listening to the same thing time and again, according to the voters. 

Despite making lofty and larger than life promises to the locals, candidates are unable to gain the attention of the people this time. 

"This is the only time when these leaders and candidates show concern to our problems. But, their interestswill all disappear once the election is over," said Lal Dev Raut Kurmi of Sibarba, adding,"There were days when we used to get impressed by their agendas. But we are no more interested in their fake promises we know that their words are not going to change anything." 
They said that they heard the same promises from the candidates even in the recently held local elections but nothing changed.

 The reason why locals are not interested in listening to the agendas of the candidates is because there is nothing new in the agendas. Even the parties are aware about it and this is why they are giving tickets to rich and well known people who can influence the voters. 

"The skills, qualification, experience and ability of candidates have not been given due priority," said Dr Hare Ram Thakur, a professor of political science, adding, "They have just been selected on the basis of their popularity," he added. 

He states that candidates are playing dirty politics in the name of election. "All they are doing is trying to deceive the innocent locals," he added. As the harvesting season has arrived, locals are mostly found on fields even after knowing the candidates are visiting their doorsteps. They are concerned about elections but not interested in the speeches and agendas of politicians. Tall promises of parties are not going to fool them anymore.

Despite receiving several assurances from the former leaders and candidates, the problems of the locals here are still untouched. This has not just disappointed them but has also made it hard for them to trust the pledges and vows of the leaders.


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