Eight ways to make holiday productive

Published On: April 17, 2017 11:45 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, April 17: It’s over and it’s done. You might be wondering what this is about. Well, we waited 13 years for the dreaded “SLC” (now SEE) to show up at our doors, and look, how it flew by in just mere seconds of our lives. It’s over, and while some of us are enjoying our holidays to a full blast, some of us are still caught up in what to do and what not to do. Fear no more because here are eight productive things to save you from the inevitable boredom.

Pick up a new hobby
There are so many things that are unknown to us in so many ways. There are so many new hobbies for us to pick up and enjoy. You can save yourself from the upcoming boredom by picking up a new hobby. You can learn to play a new musical instrument, try your hand out in a new sport like boxing, basketball, badminton and table tennis, among others. You can learn the steps to the dance video that you are so captivated in. You can stargaze, learn DIYs.

Learn a new language
There are thousands of beautiful languages in this world. So why not learn a new one this holiday. There are a lot of sites on the Internet, YouTube videos that thoroughly teach you the basics of the language that you’re trying to learn, may it be Japanese, Espanola, German, Korean, or Chinese. You can even get help from numerous apps in your Play Store or App Store.

Make a YouTube video
Instead of sulking and ranting about the utter boredom on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, why not make a YouTube video about you just ranting about things that make you annoyed or things that make you happy. You can make kits, post a video singing or dancing, doing challenges with your friends or show your creativity. Why not make this holiday interesting and do something that you’ve never done before.

Keep your body fit
Holidays are simply equivalent to us going out and gobbling down new delicacies which mostly, at the end of the day, make us run towards the toilet as fast as we can. While, it’s not necessary to stop eating or trying out new food. We must always remember to keep our body healthy and fit. Our health comes first after anything. So next time you think of eating something extreme, ponder about your health afterwards too. Exercise and drink lots and lots of water to rejuvenate your body.

Learn a new skill and overcome your fear
Make use of these holidays by learning a new skill. You can learn self-defense to protect yourself at times of need or you can learn new dishes to feed your family. Do something that makes you afraid this holiday. Try to overcome your biggest fear, get out of your comfort zone and do something that will make yourself proud.

Prepare for your upcoming courses
A little reading or some study time doesn’t ever go to waste. The more you learn, the more you widen your knowledge. You can prepare for your upcoming courses instead of sitting idly and conjuring up nonsense. You can take courses online or go to websites that can help with the subjects that you are interested in learning.

In this holiday, you can venture to new places or just do internships. Most people don’t do internships as they don’t get paid. While it might not pay you in cash, it will pay you in much greater things like experience. You will learn to communicate with new people, improve your social skills, and know how to act in a professional environment. So instead of sitting on the couch eating chips while frowning towards your smartphone, go wash your hands, pick up a pen and write an application for internship.

Spend time with your family
Family isn’t always biological, family simply means the people who you care about deeply and love endlessly. In this fast-paced life, we often forget where our roots come from or just take the things that matter so much to us for granted. And yes, even if it sounds really bitter, we often forget to spend quality time with our family. Nothing lasts forever even if we desperately want it to, so get a break and spend time with your family. Get to know them more and reminisce about the old days.

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