Bakr Eid

Eid celebrated in Mahottari

Published On: September 14, 2016 07:58 AM NPT By: Mahesh Kumar Das

MAHOTTARI, Sept 13: Mahottri district is fully in grip of Bakr Eid celebration with Muslims and non-Muslims equally celebrating it. 

“On the occasion of Eid, Muslims generally wear new clothes and prepare special dishes. And the exchange of hug and greetings is not limited to Muslim people only. We do it with everyone in the community - Muslim or non-Muslims, it really does not matters,” said Maulana Ansarul Ansari. 

“Every well-off Muslim family sacrifices goat, buffalo, camel or sheep during Bakr Eid. It is as per the order of Allah, Muslims sacrifice animals,” he said adding that this meat is cooked in special way and served to guests by organizing feasts. 

The Maulana (priest) said that Muslims offer animal sacrifice according to their capacity. While some offer solo sacrifices some members offer through collaboration. He opined that the festival, to some extent, blurs the line between the rich and the poor. Since everyone shares their food and festivities on the day, everyone has plenty to eat and relish, the priest said. “This great festival goes on for three days and has a huge religious significance for the Muslims.”  

He said that those who cannot make pilgrimage to Makka and Madina in Saudi Arabia on the occasion, read Nawaj in nearby mosque. “There are many interesting stories related to Bakr Eid, and those incidents are close to the heart of Muslims,” he said. 

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