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Published On: June 8, 2018 12:12 PM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Upping your summer style game 

The in-house stylist of DS Collections, Ojashwi Shrestha, believes that fashion is all about experimentation and crafting your own style. And, with her own custom design demi-brand, uzukoavenue, that she plans on expanding sometime in the near future, she is experimenting with fashion like never before. Here, the 21-year-old graduate of Namuna College of Fashion and Technology shares her summer style. From her top three summer looks to her go-to hairstyle, there’s a lot here for you to be inspired by. We recommend you let Shrestha guide you through the basics and then add your own ideas to your outfits and looks to make a unique style statement this summer. Also, Shrestha talks about her fashion sensibilities and preferences to give you a better idea about owing your style. 

How would you describe your style?
I would say it is pretty comfortable, chic, and casual at the same time. But it’s also unexpected and experimental. As in I try to pair up things that you would not usually wear together. I pair up a chic article of clothing with something that could be labeled under athleisure. For instance, I like pairing joggers with blazers. These are items of clothing most people don’t think go well together but I like that combination. I like my look to come off as effortlessly put together but still have an unorthodox originality to it.

If you could raid someone’s closet, whose would you pick?
I would chose either Bella Hadid’s or Harry Styles’ closet because I really like their style. Bella has the whole model off duty look mastered so perfectly but she also puts in her own subtle twist to it and I really like that. I find it refreshing. Her style is the epitome of chic, edgy, and effortless all in one. And Harry because I really appreciate the fact that he is not scared of experimenting with his clothes and looks. He wears such flamboyant suits and shirts. I find it really interesting to guess what he is going to come out in next. And surprisingly enough he pulls them off with ease – all of it, sometimes even the ones with the most ridiculous patterns.

Imagine yourself five years down the line. What would you be wearing?
I don’t think my style will change that drastically, to be honest. I think I would still want to dress in a casual but chic manner. The aspect of my style that I hope to improve on is looking more put together. Not that I don’t do it now, but I just hope my style matures with the passage of time. I would also like to try things that I normally don’t and learn to be more spontaneous with fashion. I really like experimenting while styling the clothes I wear. I hope I do more of that in the future too.

What are the basic things you take into consideration while getting dressed? 
Firstly, the usual compatibility aspects like the weather, what I’m getting ready for – is it an event or a regular day, how comfortable am I in the clothes that I’m wearing, etc. are some things I factor in. I used to pick comfortable and casual outfits when I had to go to college. I spent a lot of time moving around college so I had to wear something that would allow movement. I don’t have to do that anymore because I just graduated. Now that I work as a stylist, I can’t just head to work in joggers and a t-shirt so I try my best to put together outfits that do justice to my job. A trick I’ve learned is accessorizing really ups the style quotient of even a simple outfit. It just makes it look so much more chic and pulled together. I try to accessorize my outfits in the most creative way possible and I’m always looking up ideas to do that. 

What is your favorite piece from your wardrobe right now?
I’m really into camisoles at the moment. I wear them almost everyday since it’s really functional during the summer. A huge bonus to wearing camisoles is that they look good with so many things and there are a lot of ways to style them. But if I were to consider sentimental values then I would say my rings are my favorite things. I wear them every single day and they hold a lot of meaning for me. And this is true especially for the elephant ring. My mom gifted that to me a while ago and I love everything about it. Also, wearing that makes me feel closer to my mom since she’s out of the country right now.

That 70s Look
Shrestha channels an early 70s style for this look. Her high-rise flared denim with the studded belt is quite eye catching and makes the whole look pop. Her statement Stranger Things t-shirt, in a ringer neck, and red Adidas converse look very chic because of the color combination. All three pieces in this look are basics but all of them have that little bit of eccentricity that help Shrestha in pulling off this very subtly extra OOTD.

Ringer Tee: DS Collections
Flared Jeans: DS Collections
Red Sneakers: DS Collections
Hoop Earrings: Accessories Nepal

Go-To Hairstyle: Messy Bun
You cannot go wrong with a messy bun and it is especially a good hairstyle for the summer when you don’t want your hair to stick to your neck or for it to get in the way when you work. Shrestha’s version of a messy bun is a low placed one. She gathers up her hair at the nape of her neck and ties it up with a hair-tie or into a knot. Messy buns work on all hair types and look even better on second- or third-day hair.
Model and Stylist: Ojashwi Shrestha
Text: Anweiti Upadhyay
Photos: Renuka Khatiwada
Location Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

Hello sunshine
This outfit is the epitome of blogger chic. While the camisole, skirt and the sneakers come off as pretty casual, it’s the blazer that steals the show. It gives this look a semi-formal vibe and since it has a loose fit, the overall look is quite cool and laid back. The fanny pack adds in a modern oomph to the whole ensemble. The bright yellow color of the camisole complements the otherwise darker tone of the entire look.

Mustard Yellow Camisole: Forever 21
Boyfriend Blazer: LANE 88
Denim Skirt: DS Collections
Old Skool Vans: Antique Fashion Store
Fanny Pack: DS Collections
Diamond Shaped Earrings: Accessories Nepal

Cute and comfy
This look is comfortable, casual, and stylish all at the same time. The denim jacket dresses down the grey cutout dress. Shrestha likes pairing dresses with denim jackets in general because she thinks the two go well together. She says you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to experiment and have fun with denims. Continuing with the theme, the white sneakers are comfortable to wear and walk around in and look quite snazzy too.

Dress: Metaphor Fashion
Sneakers: Wills
Custom Denim Jacket: uzukoavenue
Hoop Earrings: Accessories Nepal

Everyday Essentials
These are some accessories that Shrestha gravitates towards a lot during the summer months.
Shrestha picks up this black cross body bag very frequently when she’s going out. It fits all of her basic essentials like keys, cards, cell phone, etc. but still isn’t too bulky. Also, the style and color of the bag goes well with almost any outfit. 
Sunglasses are a must during the summer months and cat eyes are making a huge comeback. Shrestha picks this retro cat eye shades as her staple for summer 2018. 
These rings that Shrestha wears are very personal and hold a lot of meaning for her. Shrestha feels you can never go wrong with a little bit of jewelry and these silver rings complement almost any outfit and Shrestha never takes them off.

Bag: UFO
Retro Cat Eye Shades: DS Collections
Rings: Benuki and Local Nepali Crafters

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