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Published On: December 22, 2016 11:13 PM NPT By: Isha Upadhyay

Tis the season to be jolly and even the winter on our doorsteps cannot stop us from making merry and stepping out of the house to party it up with our friends and families. The Week set out to find winter cocktails that will uplift your Christmas spirit and keep you feeling warm and fuzzy all night long.

Whiskey coffee @ The Fusion Restaurant and Bar, Jhamsikhel 

For lovers of a good drink and coffee, this is the perfect cocktail. A fusion winter special, this cocktail is sweet and the chocolaty taste of baileys cuts through and makes you want to keep going back for more.

What you’ll need:
30 ml Espresso
30 ml Baileys
30 ml Kahlua
30 ml Whiskey
Hot water to top off 

Put all the ingredients together and mix well.
Top off with hot water. 
Stir once and serve hot. 

Hot rum punch @ The Woods Bar, Thamel 

This sweet drink that instantly warms you up has a slight Chyawanprash-ish aftertaste that doesn’t let you feel bad for drinking even you have that cold. The spices – nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves – that are used in the drink actually make it a perfect remedy for that sore throat too.  

What you’ll need:
45 ml Dark Rum
25 ml Honey
A pinch of ground cloves and green cardamom 
A pinch of nutmeg powder 
Hot water to top off 

Take a glass and pour honey into it. 
Then add the ground cloves, green cardamom and nutmeg powder. 
Add the dark rum at the end and top off with hot water.

Winter Chocolate Lover @ H2O, Thamel 

A very chocolaty drink that completely overpowers the taste of the brandy, this drink is a dream come true for people who want their hot chocolate to have a bit of a kick. It might be a bit too sweet for some people, but even then it’s definitely worth a few sips, as it tastes a little like dessert. 

What you’ll need: 
45 ml Whiskey
30 ml Baileys
Hot Chocolate to top off 

Measure out and mix the two drinks together and mix it well.
Top up with hot chocolate and enjoy hot.

Brandy Mess @ H2O, Thamel 

A minty, gingery drink, this is the perfect concoction for the winter. It will burn your throat as it goes down but will also completely warm you up the time you are done with the drink. What more could you ask for during night outs in cold winter, right? 

What you’ll need:
60 ml Brandy
10 ml Ginger Syrup
One tablespoon Honey
Eight to 10 mint leaves
Black tea to top off 

First mix the brandy, ginger syrup and honey.
Add the mint leaves to the mixture. 
Top off with black tea. 

Flaming Lamborghini @ The Woods Bar, Thamel 

This extravagant drink towers high and tastes unbelievably good when the mixture for the flames drip down into your drink. Practice caution with the flaming drink. One person should light the drink while the other drinks it through the straw.

What you’ll need:
1 martini glass
2 wine glasses
1 shot glass
1 steel holder 
45 ml Baileys
45 ml Kahlua
30 ml Sambuca
30 ml Blue Curacao


Mix the baileys and kahlua in the martini glass and place the holder on top of the glass. 
Stack the two wine glasses in such a way that the bottom of the glass is up in the air to hold the inverted shot glass. 
Pour the sambuca and blue curacao mix over the glasses and light it up. 
Continue pouring the mix into the fire as you sip the drink through a straw.

Irish Coffee @ The Irish Pub, Lazimpat 

Nothing says cold weather drink like coffee and whiskey, and what could be better on a cold winters day than a delicious blend of both? Try the Irish Coffee at The Irish Pub. They make this drink better than anywhere else. 

What you’ll need:
80 ml Hot Coffee
40 ml Irish Whiskey
One tablespoon Brown Sugar
30 ml Fresh Cream

Heat the coffee, whiskey and sugar together at a low temperature and don’t let it boil. 
Pour it into a glass or mug of your choice and top with cream and serve. 

Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi 

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