Dr KC in Saptari to treat flood victims

Published On: August 27, 2017 08:08 AM NPT

SAPTARI, August 27: On early Saturday morning, Bairaba-based health post of Saptari district was unusually overcrowded with patients. Elderly people, children and adult alike were bearing with the searing heat.

Yet, the crowd was peaceful and patiently waiting for their turn to receive treatment. A man with a calm face was providing treatment to the patients, paying not attention to his own discomfort. He was no other than Dr Govinda KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH).

It is not that Dr KC was the first doctor to visit the settlement. There are dozens of doctors there at present. However, for the residents there, nothing is more thrilling than getting treatment from a ‘reputed’ doctor like KC. The orthopedic surgeon visited Bairaba to provide treatment to the flood victims of that area and distributed free medicines. 

Dr KC had reached Saptari on Thursday evening. He treated over 250 patients at Ghoganpur and Dharampur of Kanchanrup Municipality on Friday and was busy at Bairaba on Saturday despite his poor health condition. 

When asked how he gathered the will to treat others when he himself is not in very good health, Dr KC replied, “The plight of the flood victims in this area is much worse than my own problem. We face many difficulties in life. But we cannot leave such opportunities just because of the obstacles. Getting to serve the flood victims is one such opportunity for me.”

He accused the government and political parties of abandoning the citizens in the time of need. “They consider themselves to be communists, while others take a pride in being socialists. But nobody can be a communist or a socialist if they commercialize people’s basic necessities such as food, clothes, shelter and education.”

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