District HQ still controlling local level works

Published On: December 25, 2017 12:48 PM NPT

JAJARKOT, Dec 25: The official and administrative works of most of the local levels are carried out from the district headquarters itself. 

The administrative works of all the local levels except the Triveni Nalgad Municipality and Bheri Municipality are done from the district headquarters. 

The service-seekers have complained that they have to come to the district headquarters even for minor official works like in the past. 

The local levels in the district have been operating from the headquarters itself as the required physical infrastructures and facilities are lacking in the villages. 

"Facilities and services like bank, electricity supply, communication, among others are not available in the rural municipalities. So, we are compelled to run the local level government from the district headquarters," Chairman of Barekot Rural Municipality, Mahendra Shah, said. 

Complaining that the local people have not been able to even experience the local government has reached their door-step, Ram Bahadur Mahatara of Barekot Rural Municipality-9, said, "We have to come to the district headquarters spending thousands of rupees to even get ordinary works done. How can you say there is a new system?" 

Similarly, all the administrative and official works of the Junichande Rural Municipality are carried out from the district headquarters. Ditto with the Shivalaya Rural Municipality, Chhedagad Municipality, and the Kushe Rural Municipality. 

Although it is said all the works would be carried out from the local level itself once federalism came into force, 90 per cent of the works of the local levels are being carried out from the district headquarters at present. Even the Ward Office has not been set up at many local levels and on top of this there is no required number of employees to run the local levels. RSS

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