District headquarters loses its charm

Published On: May 30, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: Daman Rai

KHOTANG, May 30: Since the formation of the local government, the government offices have shifted from cities to villages. Earlier, it was a compulsion for the service seekers to reach the district headquarters for any kind of legal or financial work. Especially, the office of the District Coordination Committee (DCC), District Education Office (DEO) among others used to be flocked by people in the past. But, after the federal restructuring, local units themselves have started performing the works of these bodies due to which villagers are no longer obliged to go to the headquarters.

The crowd of Diktel has slowly shifted to the rural parts. Dip Narayan Rijal, mayor of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi, informed that federal restructuring has directly affected the business of Diktel. Currently, there are two municipalities and eight rural municipalities in Khotang. Now, the locals have to go to the headquarters only for obtaining citizenship, passport, and property-related documents and for resolving legal affairs.

But federal restructuring has become a boon for the some villages. In fact, it has played a vital role in booming business and extending markets in rural parts. Durchim, which is the center of Halesi Tuwachung's Municipality; Aiselukharka, the center of Aiselukharka Rural Municipality; Bakshila, the center of Kapilasgadhi Rural Municipality; Matim Manebhanjyang, the center of Sakela Rural Municipality; Chorambu, the center of Diprung Chuichamcha Rural Municipality; Khotangbazaar, the center of Khotehang Rural Municipality among others have recorded increased activities due to the shift of power from the district headquarters.

The trend of establishing well-facilitated hotels and restaurants has been going on in full swing in the villages. The business of land is equally flourishing in the remote areas. According to Rajendra Layayu, chairperson of Khotang Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the flow of people has decreased significantly in Diktel since the formation of the local units.

"With the access of services and budget in local units, people hardly have to reach the headquarters for anything," said Chairperson Layayu.

Until a year ago, villagers had no option other than going to the headquarters even for minor works. They had to walk for hours and also had to spend a lot of money for accommodation. As many banks have extended their branches in the rural parts after the local elections, locals won't have to reach Diktel for minor transactions. Many villagers who had moved to Diktel with their business have started returning back to their respective villages. On the other hand, businessmen in Diktel have started feeling the heat as they struggle to make profit.

In order to bring back the charm of Diktel, efforts should be made to attract internal and external tourists visiting Halesi, says Chairperson Layayu.


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