'Disability not a barrier to education'

Published On: November 10, 2017 04:30 AM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, Nov 10: Pawan Chaudhary, 18, of Amauri, Janaki Municipality-5, was born with physical disability which limits the movement of both of her hands and legs. However, that has not prevented her from getting education. 

Chaudhary goes to her school, Saraswoti Higher Secondary School of Bharuwa, in her wheelchair. It takes her half an hour to reach the school through the difficult road. Her left-hand doesn't function properly while she can normally write from her right hand. She even has difficulties to ride the wheelchair on her own. But usually, her friends help her.
“I don't meet friends every day. Without them, it takes time and feels difficult to ride it,” said Chaudhary.

Her family used to carry her to the school near her house when she studied at the primary level. However, it was not possible after she grew up. The secondary level school is far from her house.
Her strong passion for education kept her motivated for studying more. When she told her father Dev Raj that she wanted to study, he managed a wheelchair for her. 
Dev Raj shares his bitter experience that he filled the form of one organization to get a wheelchair but the person concerned about that organization was missing for year.

“My father had to buy the wheelchair worth INr.9000 by borrowing from relatives,” said Chaudhary.

Last year, she appeared in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) but failed. She was unable to go to Dhangadi for a re-exam. That, however, did not discourage her. She is motivated to pass the exam at any cost and is preparing for it accordingly.

“I hope to pass all subjects next time,” she said adding, “There is no barrier for anything when you passionately want it.”

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