Dhading to start early campaign against dengue

Published On: May 27, 2019 10:05 AM NPT By: Sarita Shrestha

DHADING, May 27: In order to contain dengue infection, Dhading is preparing to launch many campaigns in the district. Nilkantha Municipality has initiated a campaign in coordination with the Health Service Department, the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division as well as local communities to fight dengue infection. 

Vector Control Inspector Uttam Pyakurel informed that the disease is incurable which makes it important to seek for prevention in time. 

“The disease is caused by dengue virus which causes dengue fever. It is spread by a type of female mosquito called Aedes aegypti,” said Pyakurel. 

“Dengue fever is transmitted to a normal person after the mosquito carries the virus from the infected person,” added Pyakurel. According to Dhading Health Division Chief, Bishnu Rijal, 73 people were infected by the virus in the fiscal year 2016/17, six people in 2017/18 and five people in the current fiscal year. 

“After dengue infection was noticed, we have started an early campaign as a preventive measure,” added Rijal.  As mosquitoes lay eggs in polluted and stagnant water, it is highly recommended to clean the surroundings and corners of the house frequently.  “If any person suffers from fever continuously for 3-4 days, it is advised to seek medical help. The infected person can lose his/her life to hemorrhage from various body parts,” added Rijal.

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