Devotees throng Ramdi to observe Haribodhani Eakadashi fair (photo feature)

Published On: November 19, 2018 05:00 PM NPT By: Mohan Gurung

SYANGJA, Nov 19: Devotees on Monday thronged Ramdi, a holy place,  to observe Haribodhani Ekadashi fair.

It is believed that that worshiping and taking a holy bath in the Ramdi Triveni is equivalent to 100 baths in the Prayag and Kurukshetra and Naimisharanya. The Triveni is the meeting point between Agahakhola, Guruwakhola and Kaligandaki.

Taking holy baths in the Ramdi is different than the other holy places," said Sharada Pangeni, adding, "People will get salvation by taking dips in the Triveni.

This place is 100 times better than other holy places from the historical and religious point of view, according to the holy scriptures.

The Haribodhini Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of the Shukla Paksha or the bright fortnight in the Nepali month of Kattik in the lunar calendar.

It is marked by the rituals dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.


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