Deputy mayor of Katari denies car to buy ambulance

Published On: August 27, 2019 07:14 AM NPT By: MAHESHWAR CHAMLING RAI

KATARI, Aug 27: At a time when elected representatives are competing with each other to utilize as much state facilities as possible, deputy mayor of Katari Municipality in Udayapur district has announced not to use the car provided by the local government.

Deputy Mayor Bhim Kumari Raut said that the budget meant to purchase a car for her will instead be used to buy an ambulance.

Raut said buying a car unthinkable when there is shortage of ambulance. She said she took such decision so that pregnant women, poor people and disabled could utilize the ambulance service.

According to the municipality's spokesperson Krishna Raj Danuwar, who is also the chairperson of ward-4, the budget allocated for purchasing deputy mayor's car has been channelized to buy an ambulance as per her wish.

The local government had allocated Rs 4 million to purchase a car for the deputy mayor. However, after Friday's meeting, it has been decided that the budget will be used to buy an ambulance for Katari Hospital. It has been decided that expecting mothers will get the ambulance service free of charge.

“We already have vehicles so let us use them instead of buying new ones,” Deputy Mayor Raut said. “Instead of buying a new car, the money can be used to buy an ambulance to give expecting mothers, poor people and disabled free of charge service.”

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