Defeating fear result few women contestants: Dr. Sangroula

Published On: November 7, 2017 09:53 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: Nepali Congress central committee member Dr. Dila Sangroula has stated that women contestants are very few on first-past-the-post electoral system of upcoming election to the House of Representatives and state assembly, because of defeating fear.

She stressed that for increasing women contestant on FTPT electoral system we make the compulsory provision for women participation.

She said that there is a provision of 33 percentage of women participation on parliament, but the political parties concluded that number from proportional electoral system.

In a conversation with Radio Nagarik leader Dr. Sangroula said, 'FTPT electoral system is the strong means to prove the women role but political parties could not provide them a ticket for direct election.'

In the year 1990, there was 5 percentage of women participation, on 2007 ten percentage involvement in parliament and 11 percent of women in 2013, and now there is a provision of 33 percentage but major political parties arranged that seat from proportional system, Dr. Sangroula added.   She stressed parties should raise from the organization level to increase women participation on parliamentary election.

The main cause is the high level of economic expenditure on FPTP election, Dr. Sangroula argued that women are depend on their family for manage that expenses. She said, ' even the women voters majority but mentality of defeating and society could not accept the women leadership, women are less competing on upcoming election too.'

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