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Dear President

Published On: February 27, 2018 01:40 PM NPT By: Sushma KC

Sushma KC

The contributor for Republica.

Dear President,
I am a youth and a very sensitive girl born and raised in Nepal. I am introvert and sensitive by birth and I don’t blame anyone for this. I am so sensitive that most of the times I end up crying whole night in my bed without closing my eyes for a second.

President, I am not writing this letter to get empathy, and I honestly don’t think you have that to give me or anyone. If you had, I would not have to deal with insomnia many nights in a row or cry hiding from people just not to be questionable. I know I won’t have answer for them but I do have reason for self. 

President, I have a boy in my mind searching for food out of garbage. I don’t remember anything from that trip when I saw him but I do remember this boy and his compulsion. I thought I would forget it. I would have forgotten it, President, if it was just a thing happening once but in my country I have to be prepared to see it in a row. Only difference is it might not be same boy and same place. I don’t know why it affected me so much for this long.

President, teach me how am I supposed to smile with a boy around 13 years who is asking for a bus fare, when I see small boys and girls begging on Monday when it’s a school day for others?
President, if you have little bit of empathy teach me to be happy even after seeing a number of disabled people begging with children by their side and asking them to beg too. The boy carrying a sack of plastics and bottles, a girl crying in a street pleading her father not to beat her mother, a group of small children staring from store window hoping for food, a small street girl being raped at night and same girl asking for ten rupees to buy dendrite. It is literally killing me every day and I beg you to teach me to smile and survive this.

Others may have adjusted with this reality but I don’t know why I am not able to. NGOs might be the result from people like me who could not tolerate this sight. Am I going to get healed if I open an organization? I believe our country has enough.

President, please let me know how I can have sound sleep at night because sensitive people are also human beings with necessities. After reading this letter, you might say youth are supposed to give solution not complain. I think we already have the world’s best constitution and I guess you are appointed to have it implemented for the benefit of every citizen and children.

I was bit confused as to whom to address this letter: to you, prime minister or political parties. Then I realized all are the same. I am writing this to you because I know that you are in a position to do something for the kind of children I talked about in the above paragraphs. 

Sushma KC


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