Crusher plants operate illegally as authorities keep mum

Published On: February 4, 2018 02:34 AM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

SIRAHA, Feb 3: After a brief halt, Sunny Crusher Industry, which operates on the eastern bank of the Gagan River in Gol Bazaar Municipality, is back in action. According to the Office of Small and Cottage Industries (OSCI), Lahan, this firm has not renewed its permit which expired in Fiscal Year 2013/14.  

 Similarly, B & B, Banglamukhi and Siddhartha Crusher Industries operating on the eastern and western banks of the Ratu River in Bardibas Municipality, Mahottari are also  operating in breach of the law.

OSCI has time and again reminded these firms to fulfill the legal criteria, but they have paid no heed. On December 9, 2016, OSCI had  submitted a letter to the Department of Small and Cottage Industries urging   action against all three of them. But nothing has been done . "We had submitted a file to the department demanding  action  under the Industrial Enterprises Act 1992, but no action has been taken yet," said Arjun Mandal, chief of OSCI,  Mahottari.

 Altogether nine crusher plants are operating in Mahottari at the moment and most of them are  illegal. As per  details learnt from OSCI, Himal Crusher Industry on the Khutti River in Lahan Municipality has renewed its documents till Fiscal Year 2018/19. It is the only  crusher plant which has renewed its documents. But it has breached other standards set by the government.  "How can they operate without meeting the standards of the government?" asks Rajendra Lal Karna, chief of OSCI, adding, "We can only give or not give permission for operating but it's the department that is responsible for taking action against them.".
 In 2012, an investigation committee was formed with the coordination of the chief district officer to find out about the source of raw materials used by these plants. As per the report submitted by the committee, the raw materials were excavated from the Chure hills. Following that, the crusher plants were closed for a certain period of time.

Krishna Shrestha, chief of the District Investigation Committee, said a letter has been sent to the owners of the crusher plants through the district police office. They are being told to furnish their documents, failing which  the authorities will take necessary action against them, informed Shrestha
Meanwhile, several cement manufacturers are also operating illegally in the district.  Swecha Cement Processing Center, Pukar Cement Processing Center, Prashant Cement Processing Center and others have been operating in breach of  government standards, it is stated.


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