Crusher industry operation banned

Published On: January 24, 2020 12:47 PM NPT By: RSS

MAHOTTARI, Jan 24: With increasing complaint from the public, the operation of crusher industries are coming to halt in Mahottari district. The District Monitoring Committee formed to oversee the consumption of natural resources and river products on Wednesday took a decision to ban the operation of crusher industries.

Monitoring Committee Coordinator Suresh Prasad Singh shared that the decision to ban the crusher industries was made when their operators did not provide stock details of the fiscal year 2075/76 BS.

He further said that directive was already issued to all the local level of the district to certify the stock of crusher and sand processing centres in their territory and send the details to the District Coordination Committee within five days. The district has 15 local levels. The crusher industries have been operational in Bardibas, Aurahi, Bahnagaha and Gaushala municipalities in the northern belt of the area without license.

Singh, also the coordinator of District Coordination Committee, said re-operation license can be provided to the only industries which have completed all the stated process. Due to growing public complaint on illegal excavation of sand and gravel from Chure region, the district coordination committee and natural resource and environment committee of the state-2 have upped joint monitoring in the area.

Around 50 crusher industries and sand processing centres did not provide the documents demanded in course of the monitoring. The committee decided to completely shut down the crusher industries for defying to furnish demanded documents and running their business illegally.

The crusher industries and sand processing centres are operational on the banks of the rivers including Ratu, Maraha, Bhabsi, Junga, Badahari, Soni and Tuteswor in the district. It may be noted that human casualties are annually occurring in the pits created after rampant excavation of natural resources.

Quite recently, Dilip Kumar Mahato, a local of Dhanusha Mithila municipality-5 who went there to stop the excavation, was killed on January 10. He died when a tripper ran over him in the field

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