Crimes on the rise in Udayapur

Published On: July 18, 2018 07:02 AM NPT By: Maheshwor Chamling Rai

Social crimes, theft doubled; narcotic cases quadrupled in a year

UDAYAPUR, JULY 18: Records maintained by the District Police Office, Udayapur show a significant rise in cases of social crimes in the district in the last three years.

A three-year comparative analysis of the records documented by the police reveal that the number of social crimes have skyrocketed with each passing year, hitting an all time high of 193 in the Fiscal Year 2017/18, an increase of about 128 percent from last fiscal year's total of 85. The total number of such crimes was a meager 58 in the Fiscal Year 2015/16.

The records also show that the number of cases involving narcotics is increasing at an alarming rate in the district, quadrupling from the last fiscal year. The number of crimes related to narcotics reached 96 in the fiscal year 2017/18 from the scanty 23 in the last fiscal year. There were only 24 crimes related to narcotics in the district three years ago.

Similarly, cases of theft have doubled over the year. There were 11 cases of theft in the district last year, whereas the number has reached 22 this year. Only four theft cases were reported to police in the district three years ago. Similarly, cases of sexual assaults and rape have increased to 23 this year from 17 in last year.

Police records have also shown that the number of those killed in road accidents has reached 17 this year while it was 16 last year. As many as 11 people had lost their lives in vehicle accidents three years ago. A total of 22 theft cases have been filed this year while it was put at 11 last year. Four cases of theft had been recorded three years ago.

Drugs and Alcoholism the prime reason

Officials at the District Police Office claim that the significant increase in crimes in the district is mainly triggered by drugs and alcohol.

Admitting the fact that police have not been able to be updated with the new methods used to carry out criminal activities, police chief of Udayapur, Superintendent of Police (SP) Nawaraj Bhatta said, “Most of the criminal activities have been triggered by alcohol and drugs.” He added that it has become extremely difficult for the police to control drug and alcoholism-related crimes, social crimes, thefts, rapes, frauds and murders.

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