Confidence, honesty key to cracking job interviews

Published On: May 1, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

It is said that first impression is the last impression. Your first impression can help you secure the job you have been dreaming of or scatter all your dreams within a few minutes of face-to-face confrontation with your soon-to-be boss. Here, Republica talked to a few people to know what can be done to ace the so-called scary job interview and land the job of your dream.

Saral Maharjan
Undergraduate student

I think it is necessary to dress formally to ace an interview. No interviewer would be impressed if you show up in your weekend casuals. It is also necessary to have a strong resume. If you are going for a job interview it is necessary to do a background research of the company. Another factor which would help an individual ace a job interview would be by being honest.

Sushma Neupane
Management graduate

While attending a job interview, you need to be able to speak politely and with confidence. If it’s difficult for you, you must practice speaking in front of the mirror. This will build up necessary confidence and won’t make up nervous in front of interviewers. But if it’s too weird talking to yourself in front of the mirror, you can simply ask your friends to take your interview.

Samata Devkota
Undergraduate student

No one should ever forget their CV and file of certificates while showing up for a job interview. Casual dress would be suitable for a college interview, but not for a serious job interview. You also need to have adequate knowledge of the field you are about join, so research about the field or the company is a must.

Basuki Thakur
Managing Director 

I think for a person to make a good impression in a job interview s/he should be confident and honest in their words. In order to ace an interview, I think a person should lay out all their facts and promises that they know they can keep. They should be honest about their vision regarding the company that they are applying for and should always be themselves.

Sapana Lama
Undergraduate student

It is very necessary to smile during a job interview, and that is how I secured a job. Even if you don’t know the answer to the question, you should smile and put it gently. It is also necessary to wear a formal dress, but that doesn’t mean you mean to go overboard and buy new suit. Be presentable and don’t put on too much of makeup. Expression of your face should show that you know what you are talking about and are confident.

Prasansha Basnet
Undergraduate student

I think the main objective of the interviewer while taking an interview is to minutely access how the candidate might handle certain situations in a matter of few minutes. Thus the interviewee has to be able to create an impressive impression in a short time. Thus we should try to make a clear conversation, present oneself politely and in a presentable manner. Researching the agencies’ profile beforehand can also come in handy while proving that one is sincere and dedicated regarding the job and its descriptions. I have experienced interviews where the interviewee’s fail to reach the interview within the agreed time. Punctuality is a major factor that contributes to creating a suitable impression in an interview.

Amod Bhattachan
Tourism professional

Suitable understanding of the job description, requirements and qualifications that the position seeks and being able to express the quality we possess to address the requirement is one preparation that should be done before attending an interview. Although presentation and dress might play an important role in creating the desired impression, most genuine impression can only be created through preparation, research and fact-based knowledge of the field. One should be able to demonstrate provable skills and knowledge in the interview and critically answer the questions asked by the interviewer. I thus believe preparation for the interview, confidence and in-depth knowledge and skills can be major tools to create desired impression in an interview. 

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