Color cards encourage students to go to school

Published On: June 28, 2018 04:15 AM NPT By: Janak KC

JAJARKOT, June 28: Sixty-four schools of Chedaghad Municipality of Jajarkot district have implemented a new system hoping to encourage 6,504 students to attend schools regularly. As a joint project of the local Panchtara Yuwa Sanrachyak Manch and Save the Children, they have initiated a system of distributing cards of different colors to the students on the basis of their attendance.

"As per the program, a red card is given to the students with extremely poor attendance, meaning less than fifty percent attendance,” informed Rupa Giri, principal of Jana Ekata Primary School based in Milantol of Chedaghd-11. 

Meanwhile, those with average attendance are given yellow cards, and students having outstanding performance are given green cards.

In the fear of being ashamed with a red card and in hopes of acquiring a green card, both students and their parents have become more serious about the school, said Dilli Chadar, a local of Phumna, one of the settlements of the municipality.

Third grader Saraswati Chadar of Janata Primary School and fifth grader Pradip Giri of Shiva Aadharbhut School of ward-8 are among the students who have been impacted by this program. Saraswati, and her mother Gauri are both in a rush in the mornings to reach school on time. Pradip packs his school bag a night earlier to be on time.

Students have become more regular to the school, are more disciplined and more focused on their school assignments. Parents have also become increasingly encouraging regarding sending their children to school. 

Manbahadur Rawal, coordinator of the District Coordination Committee in Jajarkot, said that this initiative has been successful in bringing positive changes in both students and their parents.                               

“The inclusion of this scheme in all municipalities will help bring significant improvements in the education system,” he added. “The students in this region are quite poor in linguistic skills. We are hopeful that this scheme will be taken forward to improve studies and skills of the students.”


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