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Published On: April 14, 2017 11:48 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Don’t like to cook? You might feel differently if you had a nicely designed kitchen space in your house. And for those who like to cook and even find it therapeutic, having a good kitchen might even make it an all the more enjoyable and relaxing experience. Not only can you have a good meal with your family, but you can also enjoy the process of bringing it to the table when you have a kitchen that works for you – a kitchen that is beautiful and smart.  The Week, with the help of The Max Core, Pulchowk, and Selection, Teku, brings you ways to redesign your kitchen space and make it fun and functional. 

The joys of a modular kitchen
A modular kitchen helps you maximize your kitchen space making it extremely easy to organize all of your kitchen items and keep them out of sight and yet also easily accessible. The allotted spaces for your utensils, pots and pans, jars and other items help keep your kitchen clutter free. There are many different designs you can choose from to make a kitchen that completely suits your needs. Some of the most popular options are the U and the L shaped kitchens, and the island kitchen.

Granite kitchens are the most common ones in the city. However, a water and fire proof material called Hi-Mac is becoming increasingly popular, and is available at The Max Core at Pulchowk. Even if you drop something heavy on the counter, a Hi-Mac can be put together and made seamless to make the cracks disappear completely, like it never existed in the first place. This is the reason why a Hi-Mac countertop is slightly more expensive than the granite countertops. 

Selection at Teku has a designer team that can help you design your own kitchen to suit your needs. You can choose the type of countertop, stoves and the type of drawers you want as well. The 3D designs you make is then sent to Germany where the Hacker factory manufactures the kitchen you envisioned. Every detail, down to the type of handles you want, can be made according to your choice. It takes 120 working days (almost four months) for your design to be produced, shipped, and fitted in your house.

The quality of the materials used, as well as the direct involvement you have while creating the kitchen is well worth the price they quote. All the products are fire retardants that only a grade 10 fire might harm, and are also scratch proof.      

The many benefits of a modular kitchen
They are stylish
To keep with the theme of your ultra modern house, the kitchen too adds a distinct style and flavor to your lifestyle and uplifts the beauty of your house. The cabinets not only come with many storage solutions but are also available in different colors, styles and patterns to suit your needs. 

They are highly flexible 
 If purchasing an entire set of the modular kitchen is too expensive for you (because the whole set will cost a lot), you can add one or two accessories at a time and keep adding to the set without hampering the setting. Adding a rack here and a cabinet there is increasingly common in today’s kitchens. 

It is convenient
While making a modular kitchen, one of the best regarded facts is where you can store the things you need so that you don’t need to run around from one corner of the kitchen to the other while preparing a meal. The spices can be stored in the cabinets whereas the knives and pots and pans are stored an arm’s length away. Most of the storage cupboards come with a hydraulic press system that makes swinging these cupboards easier as well as durable. 

It’s easy to maintain  
These counter tops are mostly made from materials that can be easily wiped off and you never have to worry about water or any other spills staining your counter tops. The Hacker brand kitchen set that are imported from Germany at Selection, Teku all come with water lined cabinets. The possibility of your kitchen cabinets being ruined by water is almost zero with this brand.

The allotted spaces for the drawer are add-ons that you can pull out and clean easily. There is a different compartment to keep all your cleaning items and the garbage can also comes with a smell lock technology. With this you never have to deal with the kitchen smelling foul if you forget to take the garbage out. 

Different ways to dine
They say that every meal is a message and in order to get this message across to people, the place and setting are equally as important as the food. Whether it is a small island in your kitchen where you have your meals or a room designated for dining space, where you serve your food matters a lot. 

The island 
The island counter is ideal for small quick meals and is mostly used by families for breakfast. Making and eating a bowl of cereal when you have to rush off becomes a lot easier this way than having to carry the said bowl off to the dining room. Similarly, making breakfast on weekends can become a fun family affair with this counter. Making pancakes or other extravagant breakfast or lunch items looks like a much less daunting affair while chatting with people, or even helping your children with homework. This way, you have eyes not just on the food but on your children and their assignments as well.

Picnic table      
Make your dining experience fun every day by having a picnic table instead of a regular table and chairs. Nobody ever said picnic table couldn’t be brought inside the house for a bit of eating fun. This works well if you have children who are fussy eaters, as you can weave tales of prince and princesses out for a picnic, and the food will be gone before you know it. This table can also double as your children’s art and crafts table. With more space provided by the bench to dry things on, it can become a creative spot not just for your kids but all their friends during group works as well. 

Fine dining
Who says every meal you have can’t be a fine dining experience? It doesn’t matter if you are a small family of four, or a large family. Having a shelf in your dining room with abstract modern art and a few paintings can uplift the whole ambiance of the room. Decorate with a vase on the table and fill it with fresh flower every few days and make yourself anticipate the next meal at home. This may even finally break your two week streak of eating out. 

The smart chimney
A Fotile brand chimney, it is made in china but is a very high quality product that has won the Red Hat award for kitchen accessories in the USA. The chimney is operated by the same touch panel that the iPhone uses. There are two settings, single and double fan. Use the single fan for normal cooking to eliminate the smell, smoke and a little bit of oil from the air. The double fan setting can be used while frying things as frying makes the air oilier. 

To help your cooking at night, there are even light panels on the sides. There is also a timer option available that you can use so that it shuts down even if you forget to turn it off. The best part about this chimney is the fact that all the oil is collected in the easy to remove metal strip along the bottom of the chimney. All you need to do to clean it is to wipe the touch panel and the façade clean and remove and wash the oil collecting strip twice a month. If in case the chimney malfunctions, The Max Core guarantees that they will send a technician within 12 hours of registering your complaint. 

Price: 75,000 
(different designs available) 

The must-have gas stove
The gas stove, also known as the hub, is also from the futile brand. The unique thing about this hub is that all the wiring on the inside is done by copper wire. Operated by an automatic switch, this particular stove even senses gas leaks. In case there is a leak or some other problems with the cylinder, however much you try, the stove will not ignite, until you solve the problem and everything is working smoothly again. To accommodate the needs of big families, this hub also comes in a three burner stove.  

The easy to clean sink
The tap on this sink is fitted with a pull out pipe that makes cleaning the sink as well as the surrounding areas and countertops a lot easier. Gone are the days you needed to fill a bucket of water to wash away the soapy counter tops. Just pull out a length of the tap and spray, making cleaning a quick, enjoyable task.

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