CIAA to advertise its toll-free number in corruption prone offices

Published On: August 18, 2017 12:13 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, August 18: The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has launched campaign to advertise its toll-free number near and within public offices that are prone to corruption. As part of the drive the corruption watch dog will post wall stickers and billboards calling on service seekers to report any corruption related activities at the public office. 

“This will help in encouraging service seekers to report any corruption-related activities at public offices and most importantly discourage service providers to take bribe. This is expected to reduce corruption," said CIAA's Secretary, Rajan Khanal. 

“Even if any official does ask for bribes, then the billboard and stickers will remind the service seekers that they should report it to CIAA through the toll free instead of bribing the official. And we can take prompt action.”

Service seekers can register any corruption related complaints at the CIAA by calling 107. The line can accept seven calls at the same time - means the line won't return busy signal unless it is communicating with seven callers at a single moment. The caller won't be charged for making the call. 

The anti-graft body claimed that it has been continuously pushing efforts to curb corruption. As part of its efforts it has been conducting sting operations to discourage bribery. 
According to the CIAA it arrested 17 individuals from the 91 sting operations that it conducted during the last fiscal year. 

Most of these operations were conducted in land revenue offices, survey offices, road offices, Guthi Santhshan and education offices. 

“Sting operations have not been sufficient to deter corruption and in easing access to services to service seekers, so decided to raise awareness and provide a toll-free option to service seekers," said CIAA's Spokesperson, Jib Raj Koirala.

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