Children sent to orphanage in Rukum living miserable life

Published On: May 23, 2018 08:40 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, May 23: Twenty four students of Jumla were sent to an orphanage in Rukum for free education and accommodation as per the recommendation of chiefs of ward no 1 and 2 of Patarasi Rural Municipality of Jumla.

But, it has been found that they have been provided with none of the facilities there.

They were kept at Rukum-based Narsingh Balgriha. According to the Women and Children Office, Rukum, those children were sent with the consent of their parents but without following proper procedures. 

As informed by their parents, the children are living a miserable life. They have been struggling for proper food, education and sleep.

Though the main purpose of sending them there was their education, they haven't been provided proper education. 

As per the provision, one must seek the permission of District Child Welfare Committee (DCWC) before sending any orphan children out of district but these children were sent to Rukum without the permission of DCWC. In fact, the committee was completely in dark about all of this.

After being aware about the condition of the children, DCWC has been making efforts to rescue them with the coordination of the concerned local units.

All of the children sent to the orphanage have parents. Poor financial condition of the family compelled the parents to send their children to the orphanage. Even the ward chief agreed to make the documents against the rules. 

Kanna Bohora, ward chief of Patarasi Rural Municipality-2, informed that he signed the recommendations only for two children that too after the repeated requests from the parents. According to him, 22 children are of ward no 2. 

Lachiman Bohora, chairperson of Patarasi, informed that investigation is underway to find out how those children reached Rukum. He further informed that efforts are underway to find those children and help them return to their homes safely.

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