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Published On: August 24, 2018 09:24 AM NPT By: Rea S Mishra

In the recent years, online shopping has gained steady popularity in Nepal. From clothing and electronics stores such as Daraz and Sasto Deal to food delivery apps such as Foodmandu and Bhoj Deals, there are many online platforms that make your life easier. The easy accessibility and efficient service, as well as the luxury of being able to stroll through an assortment of products on the same screen are the charms of online shopping. However, among all these online stores, there wasn’t a single store that delivered liquor at your doorstep until Cheers came along. 

Cheers, Nepal’s first ever liquor store, came about when a group of five friends, with backgrounds in the liquor industry, decided they wanted to introduce something unique and something Nepal had never seen before while providing fast and efficient service at a reasonable price in the Nepali market. “While the idea initially did come up while we were drinking, as cliché as it sounds, we later thought about it seriously and actually executed the idea knowing that it was a unique one. The online market in Nepal had only seen things such as electronics, shoes and more, but not liquor,” says Minesh Rajbhandari, general manager at Cheers Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.  

“We also chose liquor because it’s a standardized product,” he says explaining that unlike clothing items which customers need a look and feel of before purchasing, liquor is easy to buy online. “People don’t need to see and feel the product to be able to buy liquor online. It’s not like clothes where you have to worry about the size, make, design etc.,” he says adding that, at Cheers, you will also be able to buy glasses, cups, juice, ice, and honey to go along with your drink. 

Also, the good thing is that since Cheers gets its products directly from the manufacturers, the price is often cheaper than retail stores, and you also get the deals that wholesalers give them, for instance, free beer glasses and laptop cases. “Usually there is a long chain before the liquor reaches the customers. It goes from the importer to the dealer to the distributor and then to the wholesaler before it finally reaches the customers. We try to break that chain by going directly to the manufacturer and it is because of this reason that every single deal is passed on to the customers,” explains Rajbhandari. 

Cheers delivers your orders right at your doorstep and you can avail their services from 10 am to 10 pm which is the window the government has set for stores to be able to sell liquor. The free delivery option also gives Cheers an edge over other online stores, and it only takes approximately 37 minutes for your order to get to you. “We have also made delivery convenient by incorporating Google Maps in our system. Customers can pinpoint their exact location so our delivery men can get there without the need for elaborate instructions,” says Rajbhandari. Additionally, to improve customer service, Cheers also caters to problems customers receive such as the rare occasion of a broken bottle by replacing it. 

Currently, the service is limited to Kathmandu only but Cheers hopes to expand to other regions of Nepal as well. However, that will only happen once Cheers has a good foothold here in the city clarifies the general manager. “While we definitely want to expand throughout Nepal and take our business to places like Pokhara and Dharan, we first want to properly cater to the residents of Kathmandu,” says Rajbhandari. For now, he says, Cheers is working on their trail app, which is available at the Google Play Store, to facilitate their customers even more. The team has plans of launching the final app soon on both Android and iOS. “Then we will literally be at your fingertips,” he concludes.

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