Celeb’s beauty secrets

Published On: August 18, 2017 06:55 PM NPT By: Republica

We all want to achieve a JLo-esque glow at home but battling skin problems is perhaps the most difficult thing all girls face at some point in their lives. Then there are some people who just seem to be blessed with good skin and while we envy them, we also want to know their beauty secrets so that we too can benefit from the wisdom. So, The Week had some of Kathmandu’s favorite celebrities spill the beans.

Keki Adhikari

Keki says that she tries to avoid makeup whenever possible. Given her profession it can be a little tricky to do that but she lets her skin breathe by not masking it with primer and foundation whenever possible. “I only use moisturizer and sunscreen lotion when I’m not shooting,” she says adding that good skin has to come from within so she makes sure she drinks enough water. Along with that, Keki avoids oily and spicy food and includes green vegetables in her diet instead. “This, I find, prevents oily skin that leads to breakouts,” she says.

Sahana Bajracharya 

Sahana admits that she has several regimes that she follows religiously to make sure her skin stays healthy. From using homemade face packs to eating almonds soaked in water overnight, there are certain things that she does on a daily basis. She also uses sunscreens without fail, even when she’s indoors and has made it a point to lessen sugar consumption too. “I also drink hot water with turmeric or lemon and cucumber infused water throughout the day,” she says. Sahaha doesn’t use many makeup products but swears by face powder during this sweltering heat.   
Salon Basnet 

His secret, he says, is definitely water. “I drink a lot of water to make sure I’m never dehydrated. That’s the worse thing that can happen to your skin,” he says. Salon also washes his face with face wash after he gets home from work to avoid problems arising from pollutions and makeup. It’s something, he confesses, he does even when he is very tired. “I also get facials at least once or twice a month. Regular cleaning just isn’t enough because of the pollution,” he says adding that he highly recommends getting facials to get that sheen back on your face.

Malina Joshi

Malina believes in being disciplined and following a good skin care routine no matter how hectic her work schedule is. From making sure she drinks enough water to applying moisturizer and rose water, she does what it takes to keep her skin glowing. “Thankfully, I have always had good skin so I don’t need to fret about it much,” she says. But Malina definitely doesn’t take it for granted and also uses sunscreen when traveling and opts for deep cleansing treatments whenever possible.  

Melina Manandhar 

Melina swears by day and night creams and says that she uses them without fail. “The way you take care of your skin changes with age and the type of skin you have but everybody has to moisturize their skin,” says Melina. She suggests drinking water and incorporating yogurt in your diet for healthy skin. However, she doesn’t believe in using makeup to cover flaws. The more makeup you use, the more you damage your skin, she says. She confesses that wind and dust are her skin’s biggest enemies. “These elements make my skin rough and dry so I try to keep myself covered whenever I’m out,” she says.

Puspa Khadka

“Being a model, it’s imperative that I take care of my skin,” says Puspa. He claims to have realized the importance of water and drinks five to six liters of water every day. Puspa also makes it a point to avoid daytime sun and seeks shade whenever he can. He also prefers to wash his face with plain water time and again to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on your skin when you are commuting in the city. “How your skin is also depends on your food habits so I avoid oily food and sweets too to prevent acne,” he says adding that he has fresh juice and carrots every day. Apart of these routines and habits, Puspa also confesses that he uses green therapy capsules and slaps on a face pack made from slime once every two weeks.

Dhruba Dutta

For Dhruba, how you feel on the inside shows on the outside, on your face and skin. “So I try to stay stress free and also make sure I get enough sleep,” he says. He also exercises for an hour or two five to six times a week and he believes it is this habit that makes his skin glow. “Besides that I also make sure I eat healthy. My diet includes eggs, fruits, roasted chicken, and lots of water,” he says. This man who doesn’t follow a single skin care ritual except washing his face swears by good food and exercise habits for problem free skin.  

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