Celebrity obsession: the good, the bad and the ugly

Published On: April 14, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Eva Kafle

KATHMANDU, April 14: Celebrities are just the people who are good at what they do, are talented, and are confident enough to showcase their talent.

They are successful people who work extra hard to be their successful selves, so it is understandable to be drawn into anyone with that much devotion to whatever they do. It’s not uncommon to have a certain degree of admiration towards a person.

A lot of us crush really hard on a certain well known person. In our eyes, they are flawless beings that can do no wrong. We have posters, have the back page of every notebook full of scribble with their names joint with ours, we daydream of the day when we will finally meet them and they will confess their undying love for us.

A lot of those fantasies come to a screeching halt as we realize that those are exactly what we said they are, “fantasies”. And they have a really slim chance of coming true. 

But there are some people who simply cannot draw the line between an innocent admiration and a full-blown obsession. Those people are found to be suffering from what we call celebrity worship syndrome (CWS).

CWS is an actual case where the victim is hopelessly addicted to anything that might be connected to the said celebrity. A mild case might be good for your self confidence, and it will even help you enhance some of your skills such as sportsmanship or music, if you want to be like your idol. But a large dose of celebrity obsession causes a misbalance in mental health.

These past few years have introduced us to a lot of new stars. New celebrities to admire, to follow, and to obsess over. So to help you keep your admiration healthy and beneficial, here are some stages to set boundaries and realize where you are.

The okay stage
This is the first stage of celebrity obsession. This stage has very mild effect of the celebrity charm, but you can’t help talking about your favorite celebrity to other people. In this stage, you will want to watch your favorite celebrity’s movies or music videos, you are obsessed with following your celebrity and you enjoy learning more about your celebrity’s life. 

The warning stage 
This stage is a clear indication that you have become a victim of celebrity obsession and you have started to believe you’re your favorite celebrity is your soul mate. You have started to think that you have special bond with your favorite celebrity and can’t help but think about them all the time even when you are not supposed to.

The you-need-help stage
Needless to say, you need help in this stage. If you are in this stage, you spend a lot of money on insignificant objects which has the picture of your favorite celebrity such as over-priced key rings or posters. You would also be willing to indulge in illegal activities for them. You wouldn’t hesitate to beat up the person they are having feud with. You would also be upset if your celebrity is linked to a romantic relationship or got married.

These are some of the stages which clearly indicate some of the signs you need to watch out for, and if your symptoms match the third stage, make sure you get help. If you are at the second stage, you might want to hold yourself back a bit. And if at the first stage, stay way! Stay safe, and stay sane because life is too short to obsess over other humans.

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