Cash or debit card?

Published On: April 19, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

With the high advancement in technology, the change in the modes of payment has provided people with option to make payments with ATM or credit cards. This has made it easier and safer to handle huge amount of cash.
Republica talked to few people to find out their usual payment method and to see if they feel insecure to use cards and how new payment methods has been helpful.

Srijan Thapa
I use electronic card payment method. Although I use card payment system, I still feel insecure because if you are not cautious enough then you can be subjected to cyber crime such as identity theft, information theft and may incur financial losses. Electronic transactions are very easy and handy, you even can pay through your smart phone eliminating the need to carry wallet. 

Kamal Kumar Budha
I still use cash and cheque for payment. Although ,I am well aware about the advantages of card payment I prefer to use cash. I have become used to dealing with cash and cheques rather than cards due to this I find paying with cash much easier. I am not that comfortable in using the modern method of payment. 

Binod Gurung
I use debit cards instead of cash I think cards have made our lives easier because now we don’t have to worry about our money getting torn while taking it out of our bags, pockets. We don’t even have to worry about carrying a wad of cash with us while we shop. We can always dish out our cards and pay for our goods. 

Shreyasha Singh
Undergraduate student
I like using debit cards rather than cash. Card payment system is much easier and safer. You won’t even have to worry about losing coins or dropping it on the ground. Instead walking around with wad of cash with constant fear of dropping it somewhere , I find it much helpful to use card payment option.

Lalita Acharya
Office administrator
I consider payment through cash to be one of the most conventional methods though we have accesses to electronic banking and even mobile banking. Since the access of electronic banking and usage of debit card and ATM card have not reached in the nooks and corners in the case of Nepal, we find easier to rely on cash payments. I don’t really find electronic banking or payment to be insecure as compared to cash since the methods are more automated and well systematized. Yet I prefer cash payment in case of petty expenses. 

Ganesh Dulal
Finance and accounting professional
I have access to electronic banking which has been eased through Information technology and I prefer using direct bank transfer method to transfer the payments and fund to the concerned since it is the most convenient measure. At instances where large amount of fund needs to be paid, paying through cash possesses more potential security risks and thus I prefer direct bank method over cash payments. Other than bank fund transfer, cheque is another means to mitigate the risk associated with large amount of money. The only insecurity related with payment methods other than cash payment is that if the bank account number of the concerned person is not accurate, it makes the whole situation more complex and chaotic. 

Rajesh Kharel
I prefer using debit cards instead of cash because this saves my time. And card payment system is much safer because as there is less chances of pickpocket and robbery. And instead of carrying a huge amount of cash with you with constant fear of getting robbed every second while travelling, you can just swipe your card and make payment. With card payment system you can be free of worry about your money getting burned, washed away or robbed. 

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