Bye-bye bugs

Published On: October 26, 2018 09:40 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

How many times have you entered you kitchen only to come running out because there is a cockroach the size of a rabbit moving about on the pantry shelf? And have you lost count of the number of spiders you have captured and thrown out of the window only to find more lurking in different nooks and crannies?

If you have tried pest control sprays and changed the wire mesh on the windows but still nothing seems to work to keep these uninvited guests out, then we have some suggestions for you.  

Mend any cracks and openings
Small cracks and openings inside your house are ideal places for small insects to hide in. These cracks can be found in places like the walls of different rooms, furniture, and bathroom tiles. So, whenever you notice such cracks in your house, fix it as soon as possible. Also take note of that tiny gap underneath your doors and above the floor. Block this gap too, especially on the main (front) door. That gap might look tiny in your eyes but it is more than enough space for an insect to crawl through. You don’t have to change doors for this. There are all sorts of rubber fittings made especially for the purpose of closing door gaps available these days. 

Dry all damp and clammy areas 
A large number of insects and pests that invade your house like hanging out at damp and wet areas. This is something even you and the people around you (your family) must have noticed. This is because, beside food, insects are also looking for water for survival. Make sure to clean (and dry) up if you ever spill any liquid inside your house. Also check machines like your AC, dryer, washing machine, and fridge to make sure they are not leaking. You can also use a dehumidifier to dry out damp rooms. This is an important but often neglected aspect of keeping your house free from pests. 

Sweep and clean daily 
This is old news but cleaning and sweeping your house on a regular basis keep bugs and insects out of it. Start with sweeping every inch of the floors in your house. Then move onto vacuuming. Don’t let a lot of trash collect inside your house and also clear out the trashcans regularly. Remember to drain basins, bathroom, and toilet. Clean those places on a weekly basis to stop insects for infesting those areas and breeding there. Piles and stacks of books, notebooks, newspaper, and magazines can also act as good hiding places for insects so avoid random piles and organize your papers properly. 

Don’t station anything in the compound of your house
If you have a lot of insects around your house then chances are your rooms will also be severely infested with them. Things like bins, yard wastes and wood (or firewood) are some common places where you will find a lot of bugs. Clean them out or simply discard them. If a lot of water has accumulated in your yard, it can act as a mosquito breeding ground so make sure you drain it. Weeds and debris of other plants can also attract insects into your compound. If you have a garden, make sure you take proper care of it and trim the bushes and pull out the weeds on a regularly basis. 

Keep your kitchen clean
Your kitchen is arguably the most bug-infested area inside your house. The obvious reason for this is the food stored there. There are more than 30 million species of bugs and each one of these species have their own food preference and a lot of these are found in your kitchen. To avoid having your kitchen infested with bugs, make sure you store everything in secure containers. Don’t leave things food items like fruits and vegetables just lying there on your counter. Put what you don’t need inside the refrigerator and for things that must be stored outside, get some large sealable bins and put everything inside them. 

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