Budget implementation in Nuwakot disappointing

Published On: January 23, 2020 12:43 PM NPT By: RSS

BETRAWATI, Jan 23: The implementation of the budget appropriated for the development of Nuwakot district in the current fiscal 2019/20 is found disappointing. With the completion of six months of the fiscal year, the offices under the federal government have spent 27.5 percent and state government offices five percent.

According to the Treasury Control Office Nuwakot, the public spending of federal government has been accounted for 27.5 percent in Nuwakot in the current fiscal year. Federal government's 46 offices in Nuwakot made public spending amounting to Rs 880.7 million out of Rs 3.31 billion budget appropriated in the fiscal.

Office Chief Diwakaran Ghimire said 20 government offices under the state governments and the local governments receiving grant from state government have spent Rs 103.9 million out of the earmarked budget of Rs 1.99 billion. This indicates disappointing situation of public spending in Nuwakot. The volume of spending of federal government had increased with the distribution of compensation to the people affected from Galchhi-Trishuli-Mailung-Syafrebesi-Rasuwagadhi road.

He further noted, "Though the budget was made available on time to enable its execution, the dismal public spending has raised question of good governance and integrity". Though the recurrent expenses of federal government offices seem satisfactory the performance of state government offices in this front is dismal.

The Infrastructure Development Partnership Programme with a budget of Rs 240 million, which is to be executed under the direct oversight of the people's representatives, is yet to come into implementation.

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