Body cut into pieces to hide murder

Published On: September 8, 2016 12:32 PM NPT By: Ajit Tiwari

BIRATNAGAR- The police have arrested three people involved in the murder of an operator of Oxford Hostel located in Tintoliya, Biratnagar-13, Bijay Yadav.

21-year-old Yadav was found murdered ruthlessly with his legs and head severed from his body with a weapon.  The police have taken all the three people in custody on charge of involvement in the murder and further investigation is being held on the case.

The police have taken 22 year old Ramesh Kumar Yadav, 17 year old, Krishna Kumar Yadav and 17 year old, Jitendra Kumar Shah who had been staying in rent at Omkar Shrestha's house located at Biratnagar-13. In a press conference held on Wednesday the SP of Morang district Sandip Bhandari had said that the accused were caught from the Daraiya borders.

The three youths had been to the hostel to talk and have dinner with Yadav. After having dinner, they got into an argument and due to which they slit his throat. "The reason behind his murder has not yet been revealed. There has been various reasons coming up but we haven't reached to the major reason yet," said SP Bhandari.

All of Yadav's body parts were found in different sacks. The accused had made plans of hiding the dead body so they had cut off all the body parts as per police's investigation.


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