Blood donation is predominantly done by men

Published On: July 29, 2018 04:21 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, July 29: Despite an increase from last year, the number of women donating blood is comparatively low than that of male donors. One of the reasons behind this is the inability to break away from a misconception: 'blood donation risks one’s health’. 

Last year, the Central Blood Transfusion Service run by Nepal Red Cross Society collected 62,353 units of blood. Of it, only 10,068 units were donated by female. The remaining 52,285 units were donated by men. 

However, the number of women donating blood saw an increase. Nearly 9,000 women gave blood last year, Chairman of Nepal Red Cross Society, Sanjiv Thapa said.  A total of 262,439 units of blood were collected in the fiscal year 2074/75. 

Currently, blood is being collected at 108 places of 73 districts. Out of those donating blood, 66 persons were found HIV positive. Similarly the persons suffering from Hepatitis B and C are 466 and 351 respectively. 

Of the total donors, 3.10 percent people have blood groups of A, B, O and AB (-). The number of blood donors with negative blood groups is 2.9 percent. 

Nepal Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service Centre was set up in 2023 BS. During the establishment year, the Centre had collected 157 units of blood. The Kathmandu Valley tops the consumption of the blood. 

The 52nd anniversary of the Centre was marked today. 

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