Biratnagar roads in need of repairing

Published On: August 20, 2016 12:50 AM NPT By: Binod Subedi

BIRATNAGAR, Aug 20: Like in most part of the country, Biratnagar locals are having hard time due to poor condition of roads. Most of the road sections in the sub-metropolitan city aren't smooth, they lament.  

"There are a number of potholes on those pathetic roads. During monsoon, it is very difficult to get through them. But we could improve the condition of the roads and extend their age by timely repairing," said Gahendra Katuwal, an engineer at the sub-metropolitan city.  

Katuwal said that repairing must be done every year. Katuwal's suggestion is applied only in the road section from Tinpaini to Traffic Chowk. As a result, the small road section is smooth and without potholes. The road section gets special treatment just because of the annual Radha-Krishna chariot procession.

In the rest of the city, roads are simply not up to the standard. In some places, it has muddy water puddles. Even though the locals have been facing numerous problems due to the poor condition of roads, the sub-metropolitan city officials do not look concerned at all.

"We have been doing our bit. This year, around Rs 1.2 million has been spend for blacktopping of a road section. Many other works have been done," said Arjun Thapaliya, a staff at the finance section of the sub-metropolitan city.

If the map of the office is glanced, Biratnagar, in fact, looks like a developed city. There are impressive road networks and they are all blacktopped, at least in the documents of the office. However, in reality, it is a taxing job to find proper blacktopped road in the city and its outskirts.

Remarkably, the office had coordinated with the road division office to make Biratnagar 'pothole free zone '. However, the drive did not yield any result. 

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