Bio engineering techniques adopted to prevent natural calamities

Published On: May 18, 2018 01:58 PM NPT

CHITWAN, May 18: Construction works as per the bio-engineering techniques have been intensified to stabilize slopes and prevent soil erosion and landslides as well as other kind of possible damages along the Narayangadh-Munglin road section. 

According to Janak Raj Pathak, an environmentalist, the use of bio-engineering techniques has been launched to prevent the possible damage along the road section while carrying out the maintenance and road expansion works. 

According to him, the technology was adopted in road expansion work at 148 places while about 130 places were already completed. 

Water-induced disaster problems including soil erosion, debris flow, landslides and flooding are common due to the unstable landscape along the road section particularly in rainy season in most of the road section in mountain party of the country. 

Soil erosion is the most important driving force for the degradation of upland and mountain ecosystems. Soil bioengineering has been used along the road section since 2016 to deal with erosion problems on slopes, in high way construction and riverbank stabilization. 

The main soil bioengineering techniques used along the road section are brush layering, palisades, live check dams, fascines and vegetative stone pitching and there are followed along the road section. 

About Rs 7.7 million has been used in the project so far. RSS

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