Bijayapur hospital vandalized after death of patient

Published On: February 21, 2017 04:02 PM NPT By: Rohit Rai

DHARAN, Feb 21: Locals and relatives of a patient vandalized the Bijayapur Hospital of Dharan after man admitted for the treatment of abdominal pain died after surgery on Monday.

The hospital had operated on 29 years old Amit Joshi, of Dharan-17 after finding out that he needed surgery for appendicitis. But the patient died after the surgery, according to the family members. So, the family members and locals staged demonstration on the streets from Tuesday morning charging the hospital with negligence. They had even obstructed the road. The family members were reportedly angered after the hospital called police before informing them about the death. Armed Police Force had to be deployed after the situation got out of hand and the protestors smashed window panes of the hospital.

When the pain in the abdomen became intolerable Joshi himself had reached the hospital on his own motorcycle at around 1 pm on Monday. A team of surgeons led by Dr Roshan Khatiwada started his surgery from 7 pm. Family members were elated when doctors informed them that the surgery was successful but unfortunately their happiness didn't last. "After the surgery, he was trembling and we even informed the nurse but she told us that it was because of the medication. But his condition got worse and he started foaming in the mouth and vomited blood," said Chandramaya Shrestha, sister-in-law of the deceased.

According to the family members the doctors, when asked about the cause of the death, gave some "silly reason". "They told us that he had sneezed because of which his respiratory pipe got blocked by his own saliva and he choked to death," said Shrestha.

Prabhat Khatiwada, the director of the hospital claimed that the surgery was successful but the patient died when the saliva reached his lungs. Earlier also Khatiwada had landed in a similar controversy.

According to sources, the matter was resolved by the hospital authority after negotiations with the victim's family.
A three-point agreement has been signed between the family members of the deceased. As per the agreement, the death will be investigated and the hospital will pay compensation and face punishment if it is proved that the patient died due to hospital's negligence. 

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