Bibekshil launches an awareness program against corruption

Published On: March 5, 2017 03:44 PM NPT


KATHMANDU, March 5:  Bibekshil Nepali Party has launched an awareness program against corruption in the area of  Basantapur square, Kathmandu.

Thousands of people affiliated with Bibekshil Nepali Party participated in the awareness program, which began at 12 pm today.  Bibekshil Nepali Party has been organizing different peaceful political programs with a view to raising awareness among people against corruption that prevails in the country.

In the program area, two artistic artificial gates have been built, one intended for those who are against corruption and the other for those who support corruption. The symbol of gold has been placed in the gate intended for corruption supporters.

“Though corruption is pervasive in the country, we people are silent  about it. We started campaigning against corruption to turn this silence into voice ”, said the co-ordinator of the campaign  Suraksha Sharma

Bibekshil Nepali Party has been campaigning against corruption for the last four years since its establishment.  

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